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January News:

Releasing the Past-

Choice for the Future

January 2016 NEWS:
Releasing the Past - Choice for the Future

The Global Release concluded at Midnight, December 31, 2015. For us, we are happy that it is over. We were aware of the resistance in releasing entities, dark or negative energies. These fearful words are often told as the cause/reason for times when the individual has a large amount of dense energy, and the 'healer' does not know what to do.

For this release, there was never a concern for us about 'entities'. What if we told you there are no entities? That everything (negative/dark/curses/spells etc) is energy. It’s energy that is not yours. It’s energy that belongs to someone else. It’s not foreign or alien. It’s just energy from the past that holds onto humans in every part of our world. These are pieces, fragments of emotions stuck in past experiences, traumas and events. These pieces often feel so dense and foreign, we don't feel like us. So we think of it as foreign. We feel it as hard and dense. We experience it as difficult and often fearful or scary. Yet it is all - just energy.

Our experience has proven that if someone can bring in a new, lighter vibration (energy) into themselves, that together we can form a third vibration even lighter than we can create indivdually. That allows us to release anything and everything from the past.

In preparing for December 22, we read each and every individual email containing literally thousands of concerns. It did not take very long to realize the enormity of energies that we would be releasing. Here is a selection of what was sent to us for release:

All countries
All governments and power places
All Battle Fields and wars (for thousands of years including WWI, WWII and all concentration camps)
All Hunger and those people who were hurt or died as a result of having no food
All sickness including plague All disasters - everything ugly in our world
All grave yards, cemetaries and mass graves
All people still in survival All churches and religions
Everyone in pain, or in sadness, and those in fear of being free
Slavery - Fear - Hate - Rage - Killing - Abuse
All drinking, smoking, or drugs of every kind
Relationships of all types
...and much much more

The challenge with the past is that so many individuals are still giving their life force, their energy everyday to 'something' or 'someone' in the past. This keeps the past alive and prevents people from feeling free. Rather - they feel trapped or stuck. When all of a sudden a great number of individuals come into fear or anger at the same moment, that energy directly affects the collective consciousness - our collective awareness.

For us, the Global Release picture just got bigger and bigger. You know what this is: just when you think you are doing one thing, you find out what your job really is... All of us are always in the energy of our daily lives, our relationships, our families, our jobs, our cultures, our physical bodies, our own realities. It is these types of energetic and emotional dynamics that are also in our history. These pieces stuck in the past are very old and hard. Only you can release yourself and your past. Each of us can do this for ourselves and our families.

Joining us for each of the release times allowed your past to collapse, creating a space within which free choice can be made. One thing the past does not have: the vibration of compassion.

Every day we can place our intention to make wise choices and discover new and enlightening ways in which we can show compassion for ourselves. 2016 is a powerful year to focus on the 'bigger picture'. Having compassion for ourselves and for everything and everyone in creation will bring in the lighter vibration that allows collective consciousness - our collective - to shift and change. Each day can be a new step into a new year and a new future.

Please - continue working with the clearing techniques until they become a very real part of your life.
The Energetic Clearing technique - Being in the Moment
Becoming Liquid Light
Changing the Vibration of your Name
They will help you become that lighter vibration where conscious choice can be made. If you would like to release even more from yourself, feel free to contact us for a Heart & Soul Healing session.

We have now written about what was released on both days. Yet writing does not 'show' you anything. Writing about our experience does not 'prove' anything to you. If you want to be shown, if you want us to prove to you that everything-anything can be released at any time - then consider joining us in February for our intensive course. You will discover that your own picture, your world is far bigger than you could ever imagine. You will prove to yourself that you can be safe anywhere and in every kind of circumstance or situation. We know that Heart & Soul Healing is the only modality dealing with healing every type of energy and dynamic on the planet without limitation. It has taken each of us more than 30 years of working with energy to be able to do what we 'do'. You can learn to work with energy safely in 9 days. If you have a group that would like to learn and help others, we can travel to your area. Please contact us.


Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy


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