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February 2016: 9-Day Intensive Course, Cleveland, GA, USA

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Until subconscious programs are identified and released, we continue to create by default and not by conscious choice. Join us for the soul's journey into yourself to discover and recognize why you are here now, what you came to do and how you have the ability to access your full potential.

For those of you already in the healing arts, we offer a specialization that builds upon previously acquired skills and provides the practitioner with deeper and more powerful ways to work with clients!. ...(read more)

Is Life Coaching what you are seeking or needing NOW ?

* 'I AM' Technique
to help you change the vibration of your name and stop the opinions,
judgments and emotions projected by others onto you!!

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"My experiences with private fluff, just the bottom line issues where true healing can occur...You've inspired me not only from the benefits of our sessions, but also from the place of integrity and truth that I've experienced through viewing not just your abilities but the presence here on earth that you are committed to being" J. 

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Pyramids Image Teachings of the Red School

  • Formed from insights received in the Kings Chamber at Giza, as well as from consciousness itself, the Red School Teachings encompass every energetic dynamic of life. (read more here)

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