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August 2018

Our Birthday Gift

August 2018 News:

Our Birthday Gift To YOU:

After 15 years, the 2003 edition of 'THE WAY IT WORKS' has been fully updated with new information, re-written to provide you with present-day assistance. So we are celebrating our mutual birthdays by giving you a gift. 'THE WAY IT WORKS', 2018 edition. The book is in .pdf format and free to download and read for a limited time only.

Once the book has been officially published for sale, we are no longer able to offer it free on our website. So - we encourage you to download the book now, and then - send it to everyone you know in your families and friends. They can also send the book to their friends. It is our wish that this book will reach millions around the world - so everyone can learn to help themselves stay in balance.

One factor we do know - we need to stop 'feeling' everything - like sadness, fear, hurt, confusion, anger, rage, hate, jealousy...., emotions carried by the world today. Our nervous system gets overwhelmed and our physical body begins to react.

We want to continue providing you with ways on which you can move forward, always expanding your awareness so you can recognize more choices in life. In doing this, we all need to remember the basics of information concerning how, why and when energy affects us in each moment.

Working with the information in ‘The Way It Works’ will help you recognize choices and actually help change your energy/vibration to a lighter, less reactive state of being.

This little book can provide you with answers to every question, including how to get your own answers - 4 simple techniques that won't take you anymore than 5 or 6 minutes a day - insights into how you can stay in balance and if you get out of balance, how you can easily come back into alignment with your inner self.

Ever wonder why you only get 'just so close' to what you want to create/accomplish and then you explode or implode? Another present is included at the end of the book: NEW insights and NEW information concerning the Dark-Hidden Void of the Soul™. All new specifics on the hidden side of the soul, also known as the dark night of the soul. This side of the soul is the Void, continuing to create and re-create patterns/lessons in life. This information is perhaps thousands of years old; yet has not been taught anywhere.

FIRST: Read and get an understanding of the book's contents - practice the four (4) clearing techniques for a month. Contact us and let us know your progress. We will then send you free - the additional information on the Dark-Hidden Void of the Soul™ - an important teaching on balancing your Heart with your Soul and healing your past.

We hope you enjoy our newest book!

After reading ‘The Way It Works’, let us know if you would like to translate this book to help your own country. 

Thanks for Reading. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy

Calendar of Events

Would you like to discover simple ways of staying centered in your heart, feeling whole, free of fear and balanced in your life? Are you tired of the chaos coming from past creations and old emotions? Do you want to change your perceptions and thus, your life?
Learn to Heal with us.
The Heart & Soul Healing through the Art of Transference
9-day intensive course.
Begin preparations now! October 20-28, 2018 in Cleveland, Georgia USA.

You will learn about:
Living Light Language

Alchemy of the Soul
Location of the Soul
The Dark-Hidden Void of the Soul

The Sphere of Creation
Immaculate Conception
The Red School and Dualities
Helping your family and friends
Creating by Choice vs. Default
Creation without Limitation
Illuminating the Pineal Gland to heal your DNA
Illumination of the Heart


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