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Winter Solstice News:

UPDATE - World Wide
Entity Release

Winter Solstice 2015:

World Wide Entity Release - UPDATE

UPDATE VIDEO #2: Ken has further information for you!

Video #1: Ken's first announcement!

Here are the Details:

On Winter Solstice, December 22, 2015 on the following times:
10:00 am EDT
3:00 pm (15.00 hours) EDT
10:00 pm (22.00 hours) EDT

Ken will help you clear and release all entities, dark forces, fragments of souls lost in other times, pieces of spirits stuck in past collective consciousness, ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists and all other types of hurtful or negative emotions/energies.

For nearly 30 years, we have worked with all types of energy including fragments of confused, disincarnate pieces of souls-spirits that were lost in war, sickness, hunger, disease, disasters, sudden death, drugs, alcohol and a million other types of traumatic life conditions.

If you want help in releasing your past, your family, culture, religion, race, religious affiliation, you can join us during any one of these three hourly times on December 22, 2015. To ensure your presence at the precise time in your area of the world, this time clock can help you.

All you need to do is:
1) send us a short email with the following information:
Name of your birth country and where you are living now
Any known history in your culture
Any type of traumatic event in your personal family lineage/history
Any type of personal event in your own life

Please keep your email information as short as you can. We will be reading each one individually. (when we did the Fear Release, we received pages and pages with details that took more than 8 hours to read).

2) Begin immediately to practice these three clearing techniques: This is MOST important as your participation on December 22 is the end result of your working diligently with your own energy first. Your release is dependent upon you - doing your work too. The more you work with these techniques, the more you will believe that you can be free and maintain a lighter vibration.
The Energetic Clearing technique - Being in the Moment
Becoming Liquid Light
Changing the Vibration of your Name

Remember - the more you work with yourself first, the lighter your vibration will become, the easier it will be for you to release, and the more you can believe that freedom from your past is possible. By having compassion for all creation - Oneness - a new space can be created in the old energies or emotions of the past - releasing from the Collective Consciousness.

3) At the exact time of the hourly release in your area, be present with yourself, become liquid with your color, and then think about that time or place in your past that you want to release. Put your hands on your upper chest (above your breast). Close your physical eyes, look up with your spiritual eyes, connect with your color and the power of the Sun/Source/Spirit/Creator/God/Universe for release, press down a bit on your chest (don't hurt yourself), take a breath and on the exhale - lift up your hands and imagine your past releasing from you.

Continue working with the clearing techniques, each and every day. The more you practice them, the more you will believe that you are a lighter vibration - the less reactive you will be.

4) This release will be finalized again on December 31, 2015 at midnight. This will be the same time - Midnight - in every part of the world. Do the same type of physical release as for December 22 (#3 above). Allow your body to fill with your color light as you bring in a space for choice in the new year

Send this news announcement to anyone you feel might be interested, need assistance or can benefit from this World Wide Release. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ken and Nancy



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