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June 2019

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June 2019 News:


As many of you already know, Clear Light Arts, ADL is a non-profit organization that assists individuals in nearly 42 countries world wide. This non-profit is the driving force behind the continued promotion of Heart & Soul Healing.

After 30 years, we now receive more requests than ever for free Heart & Soul Healing sessions, free books, free emotional therapy, free phone discussions...

The YouTube Channel now contains almost 40 free videos on all topics previously taught only in our paid workshops and lectures.

NEW videos on HYPNOSIS - HEALING FAMILY- ANIMAL HEALING - LIVING LIGHT BREATH have been uploaded. Subscribe and get notified of more teachings from Clear Light Arts & HSH

The latest edition of our best-seller 'The Way It Works' is free to read on the website.

The FREE Radio Show has a full year of audio discussion - on every topic we could think of!
Download and launch the media player so you can listen anytime!
Show Number 3 - in Group 4 is: 'Returning to the Heart Center' - a favorite recording!

COMING SOON: All new information: The Dark Night-Hidden Side- of the Soul!!!

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DONATE now. Help us so we can continue helping others.
Any amount will assist us to continue this work!

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