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January 2020

Happy New Year
Happy New Decade

JANUARY 2020 News:

Begin this New Year and New Decade by releasing the Past.

Do you have a group that would like to learn more about Heart & Soul Healing? About helping yourself heal from your past - or helping your family - or becoming more creative in your life? Watch the 'Working with Small Groups' video on YouTube and then contact us for more information.

Our past karma continues to play out in present day when we continue energetically doing what we always did - thinking what we always thought - and being who we think we are (based on our past experiences). This can even lead us to 'crash' into ourself and hurl into the roadblocks in life.

People from all walks of life then come to us with the same question: 'Why me-why this-why now?'

Dualities such as right/wrong - good/bad - love/hate are evolving, changing and collapsing onto each other. This makes life appear to be going faster. As dualities collapse, we are pushed into another space: the VOID, our karmic past. What we face in the void will be our remaining fears - the sum total of our past. That experience can create a 'Dark Night-Hidden Side- of the Soul as we begin to heal our karmic past.

The last chapter in the new edition of 'The Way It Works' explains why this can happen, and how you can find release to move forward with life.

Read the book information here.

Ken's latest video on our YouTube Channel speaks more about the Dark Night-Hidden Side- of the Soul.

Another recent video explains how we can learn the truth about ourselves and our inter-actions with others.

Do you wonder why help or assistance often turns out to be something different? How often have you chosen a particular experience - only to discover it was the opposite reality? Does 'help' appear in a disguise, with each person expecting something different, based on their own reality or their own agenda? Do some people help others - to be of help for others, or so they can merely pat themselves on the back for 'helping'?

Find out the truth of why different perspectives affect the way in which you interact with others - and what to look for before you even begin. Watch 'Learning the Truth' video.

Choose to live a healthier, more abundant life this year; allow that to continue into this new decade.

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Ken and Nancy

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Heart & Soul Healing Sessions - begin your new year/new decade by getting really clear, light and free from your past dynamics. Contact us to schedule a remote/phone-skype or In-Person session. Now through the end of February 2020 - HSH remote (phone or Skype) sessions are discounted $35.00 ($155 to $120 USD). Please ask for your discount when making your appointment.

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