Ken Page - View of Worlds Unseen - flames

On October 7, 1995, as part of a five-day program at Jekyll Island, Georgia, Ken Page called into view energies that normally exist only in the unseen worlds. These energies, which are naturally around us as a part of creation, were captured on film and are reproduced for you here from the ORIGINAL untouched photographs

The purpose of Ken’s demonstration is to prove that when you have unconditional love for yourself and you are balanced with your own fears, negativity has no power - it is simply energy.

Ken Page - View of Worlds Unseen - flames

In the background of this photo are thirteen discernable aspects of Ken that also exist in other realities. Ken believes we are in the process of INscension, and that all of us are holographically integrating many different aspects of ourselves at this time.

In many of his evening lectures and workshops, Ken demonstrates the multidimensional aspects of our existence by helping the audience see auras, changing shapes and often, even disappearing before your eyes!

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