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The Basis of Heart & Soul Healing

    Emotional experiences we have had in our lives shape the way we think, feel and relate to our world. Whether we are aware of it or not, the strong influence of our early learning impacts our adult sense of self more than we understand.

    Subconscious programs and patterns from the past can be released; negative conditioning can be revealed to allow you to discover the next best step along your own journey. You really can make the changes you want.

    When was the last time you felt really wonderful? Feel that way again - Over and Over !

  • Heart and Soul Healing assists in releasing energy patterns in order to raise our vibration, thereby changing our reality on a multidimensional cellular level - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • Cellular means addressing issues on every level of reality and dimension of their existence.

  • All of us are multidimensional, and there are aspects of ourselves functioning in other times, and/or in other spaces. One thing most of us would agree on is there is a very sacred aspect of each of us connected with Source. We are all ONE with all creation - ONE with everything and everyone.

  • As we move into the space of compassion, we learn to accept what is within our reality without judgment, without opinion of whether it is right or wrong. We move into the space of Oneness which allows creators to recognize themselves and eliminates the identity or necessity for the victim reality.
  • As we move into the space of true compassion, we begin to heal ourselves and our planet through love.
  • As we then begin to love all the parts of ourselves unconditionally, we allow more of ourselves to come into our conscious awareness.
  • Becoming aware of all the different aspects we exist in, with focus and understanding, is a benefit of the process of Heart & Soul Healing.
  • An understanding of the vibrational changes within our bodies is essential for releasing old energy patterns. Our physical mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are fluid or liquid vibrations. These fluids are changed, healed and released through accessing the subconscious mind which holds the energetic memory of our past.
  • Sometimes in a session, clients address issues they have in other dimensions and other realities. If this experience occurs, these other dimensions and realities also reflect the same lessons the client is working on in this reality and dimension.
  • Everything is interconnected and as we are finding out more and more, interconnected holographically. Everything is being done right now on all realities, simultaneously. Through the use of healing on a cellular level, we are able to go wherever we need to gain the level of understanding which frees us to be who we truly are. The missing pieces to the puzzle may lie in the first few months or years of our life, in the womb, in past lives, or even on multidimensional or inner dimensional levels of our being. All these areas are available to each of us on a cellular level.
  • Unless an issue is understood simultaneously on all four levels of our being (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritual), our subconscious mind automatically gives energy to our remaining cellular imprints still held in doubt and confusion.
  • Once we know and understand our truth on all four levels of our being, we are set free from imprinted energy patterns, inappropriate thought forms or programs and the hold other people may have had on our lives.
  • Through direct contact with our Higher Self, we realize we are already the master of our life. This realization assists us to take full responsibility for who and what we are.
  • The key to the success of Heart & Soul Healing is that the entire process is self-empowering and on going.

  • Heart & Soul Healing is a process where you will become loving of yourself. The results do not just start and stop with a class or a private session. There are simple and specific self-empowering, clearing and balancing techniques which CAN BE USED BY ANYONE.

  • These techniques are the 'Basic Fundamentals' of Heart & Soul Healing. They are a result of information Ken and Nancy have gathered in more than 50,000 personal sessions and years of workshops and seminars with people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

  • Heart & Soul Healing techniques involve four basic principles:
    1. non-projection of energy
    2. the ability and intent to stay in your own space and be in the moment
    3. the daily incorporation into your life of a dynamic clearing process which takes, on the average, 30 to 45 seconds of your time
    4. keeping yourself clear while you eat.
    We begin with the idea of non-projection of energy.
    This has been taught and spoken about for more than 25 years in all our classes, individually and joint: One thing continues to come to our attention: most metaphysical people are taught and continually asked to project themselves - outward - to send out energy, light and love to all those around them. \An interesting phenomenon occurs when we project anything to anybody outside of our own personal space, no matter how innocent or well meaning our original intent is. (By projection we mean any thoughts or feelings sent out to influence others, visually, mentally, or spiritually, through ideas, meditations, or prayers).
  • All of us live with many different polarities in our third dimensional world. To impose our idea of what should or should not be to anyone else at any time is a form of energetic invasion of their space and their ability to be a creator. Sending love, for example, to someone else is complicated because we might not know exactly what they are here to learn. We don't know what the lessons really are, or where they are truly coming from. We might be working on humility and they might be working on guilt. As a result others may need to learn things in a very different way than the way we might choose for ourselves.
  • Whatever the case, we are doing well just to clearly understand and know these things about ourselves. All of us know for sure we are working on certain lessons, we are operating with our own personal perspective of love and we have created individual situations we are doing our best to understand. As we project our version of anything, (for example, love), to others, we are immediately drawn into an energetic exchange, triggered by any polarities and distortions we may have over that particular feeling, idea, or emotion. As a result, many of us begin to feel psychically beat up, or pushed around, and we often have no idea why. Consider the idea of not projecting at all. Rather than send out energy of anything, BECOME the essence of the energy other words: BE LOVE.

    The many transformational changes that naturally and effortlessly occur through
    the Heart & Soul Healing process include:

    • Awareness of how energy affects our mind and our body
    • The ability to become present in the here and now of each moment
    • Feeling less resistance to things that are out of our personal control
    • Improved health by decreasing the negative effects of stress
    • Eliminating the feelings of burnout, compassion fatigue and exhaustion
    • Responding and no longer “reacting” emotionally to stressful situations
    • Common stress-producing events no longer have the same effect
    • Reduction of conflicts or challenges in interpersonal relationships
    • Greater opportunities for honesty and intimacy in relationships
    • The ability to forgive those who have hurt us in any way
    • Letting go of patterns of guilt, shame, and unworthiness
    • Becoming more accepting of the imperfections in others and in ourselves
    • Letting go of problems and burdens, especially the ones that are beyond our control
    • An experience of unconditional acceptance of the chosen path of others
    • An enhanced awareness of unconditional love and acceptance of self
    • The ability to establish healthier boundaries in relationships
    • Releasing sabotaging patterns
    • Recognizing and releasing belief systems that no longer serve us

    When we feel ‘lighter’, less dense in our vibration (our energy) and more accepting of ourselves here and now as a powerful creator of our own destiny, our responses to situations as they unfold are different than how our mind attempted to manage or control emotions and circumstances in our past. As we experience being lighter, things that used to trigger us might not even trigger us at all, or at very least, the frequency and intensity of our emotional reactions to any trigger is greatly reduced. Our experience of thriving rather than striving becomes the natural outcome.
    By practicing the four (4) energetic clearing techniques daily, we remain lighter – above the dense band of energy of normal life.  This results in a fuller awareness, a better quality of thoughts, perceptions, interpretations, and awareness. 

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