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"When I first found Ken and Nancy I was pleasantly surprised to find someone of Ken’s caliber open and available to the world. I needed someone to hold the place of the archetypal spiritual healer. Someone who I respected and knew to be safe and kind and above it all, who could look into what I had just experienced and still treat me and everyone involved with kindness and understanding. I had an Ayahuasca ceremony two years prior to find a broader understanding of an experience I had at 8. I did not do the necessary gathering of information, and I assumed it would be a private internal experience, whereby I would go home and interpret on my own the answers I received. It turned out to be a traumatic spectacle of all the different parts of me interacting with everyone in the room. My inner world and my outer world was now split and I had two levels of experience. I was in my inner child self, with no real concept of anything that defines me feeling joyful and exuberant. I joined the group and received the most painful looks from a few people, those who had witnessed the unfolding. Ayahuasca told me that I needed to play with myself, but I did not listen, I wanted to be friends with everyone, I quickly became the worst person in the world, defined by everyone else’s concepts and opinions of who I am and what was wrong with me, the shadow I needed to claim. 
I knew that I was different, my voice changed, my entire personality changed and in the inner world of the group, I had no real idea of who I was. I started matching everyone’s patterns while trying desperately to minimize repercussions for everyone I interacted with. I became an amalgamation of the associations I had received and started acting them out. My attempts to tell them who I am what my personal truth is, or what I was experiencing was mostly met with shame, ego ridicule and humbling. I became the poster child for someone who is not claiming their shadow. When I left the group, I ensured that everyone was doing well. But I was still split. 
I embarked on a quest for healing, I had gone to many different places and gathered many different concepts of what was wrong with me. It seemed hopeless.
After my first distance heart and soul healing session with Ken, I was surprised that I felt empty. He had the most soothing calming voice when he confirmed that I am doing well. He told me that I am smart and capable of figuring this out. I started having good feeling dreams where most of the emotional healing was taking place. I wrote a few emails to Nancy and Ken and started witnessing a personal unfoldment of a healing journey designed specifically for me. Interacting with Nancy in her space and Ken in his space, I would do some inner reflection and realize the split between me and me, my personal unloved, unaccepted parts that I had been hiding from myself, to match a love template that serves and protects everyone but me.
I was received in a clear space of non-judgement. Safe enough to see what belongs to me, what I have picked up during my journey as well as my ego defenses. After doing the clearing techniques and a few more sessions, I felt safe enough to reclaim who I was and continue on my personal journey, knowing that although I am capable of embodying any archetypal character the highest form of love is the freedom I give myself to choose who I most want to be." (A) 

"Thank you for being who you are and for sharing that with me so generously. I love reading the books and watching you on the DVD's - you are right here ministering and your presence is truly felt. For those of us coming behind you - and I am only one of many - thank you for being vulnerable and open to everyone you touch. All through the years, whether people see or hear or appreciate...or not...You are making a difference, maybe THE difference. I am so grateful to you both." (J)


I"'m dearly happy for the intenstity of our sesssion. The work we make is really strong and clears a lot of patterns that needed to be put into the light in the NOW. Every single time my soul says: 'Nancy', I KNOW some profound experience is about to happen. The being fully present makes me see the profound work we do and is going deeply beyond me and my small story...the light is getting in all places ready to accept the change that our two open hearts are ready to share. What makes me deeply humble and full of joy.  Is magic to see the matrix of light we are co-creating" (T.)

"Darling, Nancy and Ken!
Great honor to me was to learn from you, because I've never met a couple who would dedicate their lives to their work, learning and improving life on Earth. I learned a lot from you..." (I.)


"And also the healing session with Nancy helped me enormous. I was changed after...a very big change accured in my life but I realised this only after a period of time. In fact I knew immediatly after healing that something has changed but I could'nt identify what in particulary...of course, energetically I was different, and I need it a time to understand more about me...the new one. (C.)

What Ken and Nancy are talking about is...is just a matter of perspective. The challenge is to let go of my own judgments, to experience what IS, only to discover that what I have been looking for - the answers to my questions in life, the solution to my problems - is inside me and not in the outside world... I can let go of my own sadness...because I have created it myself... I can finally just be me. Thanks for helping me see that by letting go I have created more space inside me for my Higher Self to come into place, making my life bigger and better than it even was before" (J.)

"I wanted so many times to write to you, but the speed of time is increasing - and I don't know if I wrote it right! The last session with Nancy was with also Quan Yin and it was MAGICAL. I am so grateful to Nancy that I was able to be a part of it. There was so much love and Quan Yin showed us that life is really so simple!" (N.)

" My session with you yesterday brought such clarity to my experiences over the last few years. To be able to open up with you and express my inner-most turmoil was immeasurable. I received such compassion and profound healing through our work together. My sincerest thank you." (P.)

"Dear Nancy.....I come to the end of the world...ended up strong and openhearted...an experience of intimate relations with my spirit and clear liquid light sharing...a big gift for me to say once Yes...love to you...a big part of letting the light in forgotten places in my heart goes thanks to your blissful help." (T)

"Ken, my mum is in a wonderful state of peace now and I can't say I have ever known her this way. I am so grateful that she had the opportunity to spend time with you. She has carried so much pain her whole life and now it is gone!! She is ready to live her life with gratitude and acceptance of what is. Thank you both for shining your light so bright." (P.)

"We appreciate so much what you both have done for our family. We will be forever grateful. You both inspire us to be more, much more. God Bless you." (M.)

"It is only a few days since my healing and all I can say is that it has been life changing for me. I feel still exhausted but in a place of peace that I have never had before and nothing around me upsets me like previous. (Ken and Nancy) are incredible light workers...I look forward to seeing them again..." (J.)

"Thank you...what a session! You (Nancy) are a wonderful healer, I knew you were the one to help me. I am so grateful for meeting you and Ken. When someone touches your heart in a profoundly positive way, the only way can be up! (P.)

"Thanks to you for making it happen that our heart can connect to our soul again, even small steps can make a big difference. We hope that in the source, in which we are bound, one day we meet again and that we are able to give you back what you gave to us." (F&I)

"I wish to thank for the session. It was a very good session, very warm and loving and exactly what I needed. This feeling I still have never had. My heart and soul are whole, as if I am fully filled. I feel very good. A real present." (L.)

"Thanks for a truly life changing session! My mind is so quiet and I feel totally free and like one person, it's amazing! I feel like Pinocchio losing the strings and turning into a real boy! It is truly a miracle to have consistent energy all day and have such a powerful focus and fearless creativity! It really is like I am completely detached from everything and totally free to approach my projects with a whole new level of creativity and energy." ( J.B.)

"Thank you for your profound and powerful healing sessions, for sharing the effective tools and techniques that you have designed and developed over the years, and your knowledge, compassion, and understanding. I appreciate the generous gifts of your time, your ongoing research, and your meaningful books and website materials. Thank you for helping me in the specific ways in which I have needed help and healing for a long time. Thanks for helping to address and heal Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and other deep wounds and ailments from past abuse and devastating loss. Thanks for helping me to release negative energy, and to gather positive energy so that I can now embrace and empower my self, health, career, finances, and life again. I imagine how everyone can benefit from your clearing and healing sessions and spiritual work. I will always highly recommend your sessions, services, books, and website to others. Sincerely, (P. J).

"I never thought that I will experience what I did.... Confirmation after confirmation came to me... Oneness, balance, love and compassion... everything I already knew inside but nobody told me from the outside to confirm my inner knowing. Thank you sooo much for the healing you did... I realized I don't have history anymore and I don't have need to define myself with my old story of how I got to this journey into my inner self. You gave me a missing piece in my work and I am excited to work it out. Thank you. Thank you. For sharing, for your Love and Light, for everything you are and do.(T.A.)

"I've worked so hard for so long and yet I feared that the day would never come where I would say I'm at peace with my past. I came to the training to learn H&S Healing so that I could better help the clients who come to me. I came with no other expectations. What I received is beyond words. Because of you and your work I am no longer my "walking story." I am no longer my past...I can't even find the energy or charge or any of it inside of me! I've released the trauma, the horror, the fear, the negative beliefs about myself, all of it is GONE. I still can't quite wrap my brain around it. Please know that I am not one of those people who throws around the word "miracle" in every other sentence. That said, what you offered me (at the beginning of my session) when you said, "I have one question for you: are you ready to let go of your past?," and then made it happen is nothing short of a miracle. There is no way I can adequately thank you for the gift that you have given me. The only way I can think of is to continue to study and learn and bring to my own Heart and Soul Healing practice the same integrity, dedication, and compassion that I see in you. I have never been to see a male practitioner/teacher before and now I know why. I was passing right over everyone else... waiting to see the best!! (L.S.)

" As the days pass by since you left, I started to realize what a wonderful opportunity you presented for me and others who's lives you touched by your presence and healing. I am very sad that I did not understand it fully at that time what a gift your presence was in my life, and I did not get the chance to learn more from you... People are telling me that I look different now. I am calm and confidant, and all of this because of your truly amazing healing. You are very unique, and the more I read your books and understand you mission, the more remarkable it looks to me. You are the most powerful, knowledgeable, and unconventional person on Earth." (Y.)

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for our time together last week. Thank you for assisting in my release of such ancient energy so that I might move forward. I feel a sense of freedom that I have not experienced before. It is wonderful!!!
I learned so much from our conversation also. Thank you for sharing with me and for being in the world, doing this work." (L.B.)

" I feel a great sense of appreciation and gratitude for you...You have allowed me to come closer to knowing some truths of who I AM. You were the first person who helped me to understand ...With the information you provided during my private session, as well as your quiet guidance, I started to remove layers of illusions. Thank you for being there when I needed you most. It's funny but when I think of you, you feel like a big brother .....who came to pull me out of the drudges so that I can get back on my true path." (M.M.)

" I experienced the healing as very positive, very deep and yet also soft, not threatening. It was like you cleaned all the residues left of all the traumas I had worked out already. After I came home and had a long shower, I felt a deep feeling of: nothing has to be done anymore! It was such a crazy feeling, so empty and still! I loved it very much! Finely I had nothing to do anymore! My ‘motive of my soul’ didn’t call me anymore to clean some more pieces of traumas. That quiet feeling held for some days. I could do my work in a state of being busy in stillness, and that felt so good. During my meditations I can stay in more inner stillness; my thoughts are more quiet. ..Now we are almost two months later. My ‘motive of my soul’ tells me to do things but those things don’t concern my passed; they concern my wish to go further on my spiritual Path; and that also feels very okay. I want to thank you and Nancy very deeply for this opportunity to loose all the residues which I could not getting clear myself to work them out.With Love" (A.H.)

"So appreciate your wisdom and words. You remind me of things I sometime forget - and help me remember things I have truly forgotten, and attune me to awareness I did not know. Keep your light shining." (L.L.)

"I had a session with Nancy in California, purely through Inner Guidance. Thank you for the remarkable healing session. There was one particular area that I did not highlight in our opening discussion, as in the past other healers lacked knowledge & understanding about it. And you Beauty-fully addressed it. I was quite happy to find your work a more advanced level of healing work. An answer to my Inner Knowing that I would receive Guidance, direction, & healing. I love how well articulated & simple the practices (are that) you suggested at the healing & in the book. I love setting the intention throughout the day.I just wanted to express & acknowledge through written means my gratitude for the healing session, for the services & education you bring forth." (A.P.)

"A few months ago, I emailed you that I was on the path and still in the hall of mirrors. I want to thank you for writing back to me with information for me to read. And I did read the information I was able to get on your website. It helped me so much - I was at such a low point, and reading your info and story gave me a lift I needed. I am now in the process of accelerated change; basically a loss of everything in all aspects of my life. Now I have to find my way in this world..., when words of help can travel so far"
My best regards to you, Nancy, and your organization." (M.)

"I just want to thank you again for the wonderful healing work I received in July, 2005. So many changes and so quickly for me! What a relief I feel! I feel stronger, I feel happier, I feel fullfilled with myself now. It's like I see how I use to be as now a separate part of me outside of myself so it doesn't weight me down anymore. So many more positive things are happening in my life and I'm more accepting and loving of myself. The other things you suggested that a person should do just on their own on a daily basis is wonderful. The clearing and the non-projection are the biggest things that has helped me so far. I have more energy now too. I can't believe how much energy was holding me down/back from being me! Also, my mind's eye has opened more and I'm learning to trust in myself more and I believe in my own intuition now. Just wanted to let you know about how your session has helped me tremendously. Thank you again!" (S.Z.)

"Thank you for sharing your gift of releasing negativity from my body, mind and soul. I feel very whole and complete. Also, peaceful and living in the moment. The breathing meditation practices keep me centered and focused and in a happy state of mind. I hope these feelings last forever. I hope this will encourage others to take back their empowerment to protect their quality of life. The power of forgiveness and power of imagination were not realied until I had my session. I am blessed to have met you in this time and know my life journey will be for my highest good now that I have been enlightened by your powers in my heart and soul healing." (C.P.)

"There are no words I can think of that can truly express how grateful I am for how my life has changed because of you. Every moment of every day since I met you has been so amazing. I would like to thank Nancy for the sacrificies she makes to support you and your travels. If Ken was not (here), I would still be confused and searching for answers to questions I didn't understand.
Thank you both for sharing your light that brightens my life. I will share (with compassion) the knowledge you unconditionally gave me to anyone who asks". (T.C.)

"Thank you for finding the time from your busy schedule to fit me in. I know that this will have a greater impact on my soul now. Once again, I thank both of you for being who you are, doing what you do, coming into my life at just the right time to assist me with my Heart & Soul Healing. I honor the divine in both of you as well as in myself", (A.)

"I apologize I didn't get back to you earlier, after our session many meaningful and life changing events occurred in my life and because of them I started traveling a lot (I will be leaving again soon for almost one month). I'm in the process of just starting to get the full
picture of this transformation and for that I'm trying to make a pause for a few days, in order to make a synthesis...
My session with you was intense and life changing. I felt It like being part of a sacred plan and timing and that I had to fulfill it for the unfoldment of my path on the next level... All these travels symbolizing the fluidity and freedom I regained since then. Thank you for your beautiful work, your mission and your generosity, thank you for the gift of your book,
it's wisdom and teaching, I feel blessed to know you." (C.)

" I am writing to tell you how grateful I am to have known you and to have received some guidance from you during my private session, the workshop and through the newsletter you recommended I read. ... You did not give me the information but rather pointed me in the right direction, giving me enough clues to open my awareness to what was happening. You honoured the path and experience I had chosen for myself and gave me another choice. I am trying to move through that other choice while keeping my faith in hope. I am determined to successfully complete my mission. Whether this will be done with ease or resistance, is another choice I will have to make. I hope that I can choose and implement the easiest path." (M.)

"I was blessed to sponsor a workshop & have private sessions for 9 days with Ken …talk about spring cleaning! Every day was a new experience. The clients that participated in the private sessions and workshop are still in awe of the process, for it seems that it has percolated into every aspect of their lives, creating major shifts. There were a few people who were truly squirming in their seats with the information that was presented. I can only imagine how their world was rocked. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." For myself Ken Page's work was like thinking the world is flat, and discovering that it indeed is round! It is an interesting place to be, and a journey that I feel honored to partake in. I feel a bit like those early explorers, forging a new path, a new world, discovering the mystery. One of the perks in having Ken here, has resulted in a release of 17 pound from my physical body. I am certain that all of that was baggage that I was holding on to from past experiences, and patterns. Indeed Ken Page has helped me lighten up! I also would like to comment on the clearing technique. It has made such a difference in my day to day life. At one point after Ken's workshop I was in a situation with a large group of people. As I witnessed the gathering it was apparent to me that one of the greatest gifts that I received from Ken's work, was that I am able to be more fully present. I am free of an old belief. That belief was an unconscious one, but it went something like this..."I am responsible for everybody's energy." Standing there in that circle made me realize for the first time that I am truly becoming free of taking on outside energy, or influences. What an amazing gift! Now I know that just as the world was thought to be flat, I am living in a new world, and that world is taking shape by keeping clear & being responsible for my own energy!

What a privilege it was to see & hear about other peoples experiences with Ken's work, and to know what a difference was made in their quality of life. One client emailed me to say..."I am only beginning to grasp the impact on my life that meeting & spending group and private time with Ken is having. What I know is that I AM DIFFERENT. Thanks Ken, your work has made a World Of Difference!!! " (S.S.)

"I have worked with spirits for many years and I do know about energy patterning. For this reason I understood and saw the energy when you worked on me. It was a very deep reaching experience and find new information every day. I have grown, called back to myself and greatly enjoy living in the moment now. I found that using the clearing method did change my life...I cannot tell you how big a change this has brought to me...The new awareness is giving me a lot of new joy and inner peace. My self-love and self-acceptance are giving me great power and ease to deal with everything I now experience.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful work. You have both helped me free myself and see my truth. In my tune-up session, when Nancy helped me take my young male aspect back, I knew I had gained a very valuable part of myself and I know I will not feel weak and lost ever again. I had given up hope for some personal happiness. I now feel I deserve so much more and am eager to explore what life has to offer me." (M. Z.)

"I now know what compassion and love feel like for you have shown me that I deserve. Finally, I felt I was able to lay my father to rest, with all the memories and pain that was connected to this area. It felt good and right and I was happy to let go. Thank you very much for helping me on my path." (C. M.)

"Thanks so much for the wonderful healing session, and also the healing that took place during the practitioner course. You said to allow for miracles, and one has happened. I can hardly believe (but I do) how wonderful I feel. Like someone showered layers and layers of my being till they are shining— even layers I wasn't aware of. I'm making changes in my life and watching them happen, happily. Wow. I expected change. This is more than I even hoped for. I look forward to this continuing as I keep up the clearing techniques. Thank-you for your love and compassion and for reminding me (and others) to love ourselves and to realize our power.
Trish (P.K., M.D.)
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"Testimonial" aside, I feel the need to have you know the depth of gratitude I feel, and amazement, really, at how I have changed from the week in Maryland in your class, and the healing. I feel like I have come to a new and pretty wonder-filled presence from a very very long ways away. I was pretty gone. I have found my heart again, and that is a happy discovery. I sometimes feel like crying with gratitude and joy (relief!). Perhaps not to my credit, it is somewhat unexpected! — But I keep being amazed, happily, at how I am experiencing myself and the world, and it is beautiful.You were the catalyst for some profound shifts here. I wanted you to know". Trish


" I met you in Maryland and had a private session. I wanted to express how wonderful I felt after you worked with me. I had never felt better and so balanced as well. I enjoyed the workshop and am using all the tools I learned there. The most noticeable change was to free up the energy fragments or attachments that were running my life. I still chuckle when I look back and see how they have affected choices and thoughts I have made. The first couple days I had to get to know me all over again and had to respond to new situations were in the past someone else always handled it. Now I had to do the work which had its challenge. The most powerful feeling after the session was freedom, it made feel so incredible joyful." (S. H).

"The healing I received was the most unbelievable healing I have ever received. But afterwards, has been just as wonderful, and I thank you. Because of the healing, I was able to understand and receive true, pure love, what I would call spiritual love. And this was from me to me. This is what I have been in search of all this life, and I now understand what it is and can feel it. Other doors, which are closed by me normally, have now opened at will, such as being aware of the messages from my soul and guides/teachers, hearing auditorily and kinesthetically.Thanks again, I honor the great teacher and healer that you are. (L.W.)

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