The Third Eye of Horus Mystery School was reactivated in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau in Egypt, January, 1997. It was then that Ken Page experienced a dramatic personal initiation while standing in the sarcophagus of the King's chamber. He was alone at the time and he was called on by Spirit to personally experience all the energy of mankind, currently on the planet Earth. What Ken experienced and how it changed him is just a small part of what he shares with everyone...

In that one moment Ken experienced being a part of everything, with no separation between himself and all creation. He calls it seeing 'eye to eye' with God - the Oneness of Creation..

The Great Mystery schools talk about the right and the left hand paths to enlightenment. By joining Ken at his latest workshop you will understand and enter those sacred states from the middle path, the path of full enlightenment and power. The teachings of the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School unify the right and left eye mystery wisdom. The left eye of Horus teachings were centered on the development of mental acuity and clarity. The right eye of Horus teachings were focused on the clearing of emotional distortion, allowing the student to fully utilize their passionate, emotional, creative power to its full potential. The blended teachings, as reflected through the Third Eye teachings, result in the achievement of Unity Consciousness and living a life of balance, clarity, joy, love and compassion.

The Third Eye of Horus Mystery School™ teachings also allow an initiate to open all of their hidden senses and to bring to their conscious awareness these sensory abilities, as well as information from their Higher Selves.

We are at a time where all information is collapsing onto this very moment and there are no longer any secrets. In our workshops, we will guide and support you in understanding this knowledge. have developed a way of sharing this information in eight hours.

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