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Space is Limited in all Workshops to provide specialized attention.
Register EARLY to ensure your space.

Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester
Post Office Box 1500, Cleveland, Ga 30528

Tel: 706-865-0322 (ofc), Fax: 706-223-0291

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Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ______________

Daytime telephone: _______________________________________________________________

Evening telephone: _______________________________________________________________

Fax: __________________________________________________________________________

e-mail: ________________________________________________________________________

Have you experienced a REIKI individual or group session? If yes, feel free to detail your experiences.



What brings you to your interest in learning REIKI?



Which Level of REIKI are you planning on attending? ______________________________________

If your interest is REIKI Level Two or REIKI Level Three-Advanced Practitioner, please provide the following:

REIKI Level One completion date:_____________________________________________________

Name of REIKI Master who attuned you to REIKI Level One: ________________________________

REIKI Level Two completion date: _____________________________________________________

Name of REIKI Master who attuned you to REIKI Level Two:________________________________

What course date are you planning on attending? __________________________________________

Will you require residential accommodations (lodging)? ______________________________________

Registration Deposit required for all workshops: $75.00


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All credits card orders will be charged through our business name: CLEAR LIGHT ARTS, ADL.
To pay via PayPal, please use the 'DONATE' button on the homepage at: OR
Upon request, tuition paid to
our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization will receive a tax deductible receipt for the full tuition price.
Space is limited in all workshops to ensure specialized attention.

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