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The World of Energy

September 2014 NEWS:
The World of Energy

Recently, we received an email seeking the release of 'evil entities' - energy that is dark, negative, harmful and bringing physical hurt and distress to an entire family. The location is in an area and country that we are aware of. The place itself is nearly 1,000 years old, part of an old prison and used by the military.

The question is: what kind of energy could be trapped in this area? If it is that old, then every energetic would be as hard as steel. In our world today, there are many people giving energy to war, hunger, sickness, disaster and religious beliefs. This is the same kind of energy that has been stuck for the last 1,000 years or more.

One thing we have learned is that fear of energy will only create more of the same energy you are attempting to release. The family's fears are 'feeding' the energy, allowing all the dynamics to become even bigger. As long as anyone remains in the same density as the energy they fear, they remain trapped by that energy.

Energy can not be changed to what you think it should be or what you want it to be. So what would happen if you could add a vibration so the space could change, allowing a lighter energy to free those trapped souls?

Until you (1) get yourself clear, (2) change your vibration to a lighter one, (3) change the vibration of the space, (4) clear the old energy that is present, you can't release the lost souls still trapped in that old past energy.

Monks, priests or others who do exorcisms are physically using polarities to change old energy. That's why they get hurt. It's hard to love a thousand years of pain, hurt, killing, suffering, sickness and a thousand different kinds of emotions.

Please, don't attempt to change old emotions with your own energy or thoughts. People we know have had their emotional and physical bodies harmed trying to change the energy in North Korea - trying to heal the radioactive energy of the ocean - trying to release dark energy in an old church - trying to change the beliefs of a religious sect - etc.etc.

We've written about this over and over until it sounds like a broken record. If you lighten your vibration, wouldn't it be easier for you to deal with your old emotions and the old energy from the past?

These are the four (4) techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing technique, become liquid light, move your center to your pineal gland and change the vibration of your name. Using these simple tools will help your vibration get clearer and lighter so you become more sensitive and less reactive to what is around you.

Our October 9-day intensive course shows you how to be safe with every type of energy, how to free pieces of yourself and others stuck in old emotions. We hope to see you. We promise to share with you everything we know.

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Ken and Nancy

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