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August 2012

Centering in Your Heart

August 2012 News:

Centering in Your Heart for $6.00

It's often expensive to go to different courses in order to find out the best way for you to feel empowered and learn to be centered in your heart. So - this newsletter is for those who want to be safe in opening their heart, yet can't afford the cost.

Last month's newsletter received lots of comments. There are many of you who have worked hard to stay centered in your heart. You've gone to various workshops, read lots of books and practiced what you were taught. Yet in your real world - away from the group or teachers, staying open in your heart became too painful - or it threw you back into old patterns and left you vulnerable to chaotic energy.

See - we feel that opening our hearts in the 'normal way' creates all manner of emotional challenges. Life gets in the way of feeling good, being creative and balanced. The reasons for this and how to fix the problems are detailed in the July 2012 newsletter (as well as other newsletters we have written about the heart over the past 13 years).

We've written a small book entitled: Heart & Soul Healing: Energy Dynamics. It's actually been part of the 1997 publication of The Heart of Soul Healing; yet we updated the information in keeping with these dynamic times, and provided you with simple and easy steps to take - BEFORE moving into your heart. Follow the techniques in order, learn to quiet your mind, move your energy inwardly and you can safely open your heart.

The book is now in print ($10.95) and available also as a digital download direct from our marketplace. You can also find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Apple bookstores. Contact us and we will provide you with a .pdf file of the book that you can download to your computer (and most eReaders) and print for yourself - for only $6.00.

This book provides you with experiences and details about energy practices such as:
energetic clearing technique which can help you lighten your vibration so you have more choices;

how to Become liquid light - the truth contained within your cellular being - and avoid the projections of others; and

The Living Light breath, to heal your lower three chakras. It's these chakras that always get us into trouble. This breath work will move you to your pineal gland where you ought to stay for a few weeks to develop the subtle senses so your normal senses will not become overwhelmed. You can STOP feeling everything!

Thanks for reading,
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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