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July 2012

Insights of the Heart

July 2012 News:


Insights of the Heart:

In previous newsletters, we have spoken about the necessity of living from our heart. Since the 1990's, Ken has taught about centering in the heart; yet cautioned individuals to first come into balance with their human selves and the dynamics of their daily lives. As we continue to work and explore with clients and students, we have come to realize that there is a lot of information being shared about centering in the heart (or heart chakra). Unfortunately, many people have recently come to us after being taught different ways on how to center in their hearts. They found themselves living in chaotic, dangerous situations. That kind of intensity can cause any individual to become overwhelmed, feeling like their life is out of control.

These seeds of insight are prompting us to share with you again, some things that we ask you to consider before attending any workshop on centering in the heart - without preparation and finding balance:

1) Most people subconsciously do not love themselves unconditionally. It is this unconditional acceptance that allows us to remain in the heart. What we hear is that 80-90% of them is afraid of being open in their heart - for fear of being hurt again. Is it any wonder that most people close down their heart, finding it painful to stay centered? They open their hearts to receive what they think is love - close it down when it gets hurt. Like a circuit breaker, we are shutting ourselves off and then turning ourselves on - over and over. No wonder we feel overwhelmed and fearful.

2) By not loving ourselves, we remain in a denser, heavier vibration - continuing to gather even more dense, heavy emotional energy. This causes our nervous system to burn out, overwhelming our physical and emotional selves.

3) We believe that we are here to master all of the conditions we have placed on love - to have unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional compassion/acceptance of everything and everyone in creation. The reality: there are many things here on earth that can be deadly: war, sickness, hunger, disasters, even religions. These dynamics have affected all of us based on the history of the human race.

4) Deepak Chopra says we have at least 60,000 thoughts a day - 90% of those are thoughts about our past. This means that about 54,000 thoughts, or sparks of energy from our past are being created energetically each day, building up within us until we either implode, explode or change. About one-half of the emotions that people carry do not even belong to them - they have been imprinted by the emotions of their families, friends, relationships, work etc. Carrying around the emotions of others actually makes us feel like we are living in a microwave...too many feelings to process. It's hard enough to be open to the emotions we feel outwardly; even harder to expose ourselves to everything we feel inwardly.

5) We have seen the necessity in healing our human self by being One with all energy - not just love, light and the good feelings. This takes us away from the dualities in our world. We must evolve spiritually in order to heal our past, opening our future to more choices.

6) Finding time to develop a quiet mind is what people say can be their greatest challenge. Buddhist philosophy requires years of training and practice to quiet the mind of distractions, opinions, past thoughts and emotions.


Important to Understand:

Are there issues of power and control in your life relationships (work,partners,friends,family?) Why does being centered in your heart intensify your emotions? Read our (August 2008) newsletter on being centered in the heart and energetic looping with others. These patterns can become addictive and attract different people with the same dynamics.

Factors that contribute to emotional overload:
Your family life (parents, partners, children), health issues (sickness, disease, age impairment, disability), economic and living conditions, job struggles (employers and co-workers), addictions (smoking, eating, alcohol, drugs - anything that hurts our body), death, divorce, separation, conflict in your own country. There are hundreds of other problems that can pull you away from your center.


Thanks for reading,

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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All these situations affect your connection to your Higher Self - therefore making it impossible to stay centered in your heart.

Life gets easier when you become invisible to old patterns. Loving yourself is the first place to start - using the energetic clearing technique. Some people forget the third part of this practice: loving yourself like something you love to do; dancing, cooking, listening to music - anything that makes you want to smile!

This technique also helps you focus to be present, wherever you are and whatever situation you might be experiencing in that moment - BE Present!

Become liquid light - the truth contained within your cellular being - and avoid the projections of others.

The next best way out is to become more sensitive and less reactive to energy. The easiest way to do this is to move away from your emotions by first centering in your hara point (with the Living Light Breath), to heal your lower three chakras and develop subtle senses so your normal senses will not become overwhelmed. You can then activate your pineal gland to feel and experience the total expansiveness of your own universe, healing your very DNA.

We can also teach you about:
Living Light Language
Alchemy of the Soul
Illuminating the Pineal Gland
Moving Into the Sun
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Location of the Soul
The Sphere of Creation
Immaculate Conception
The Red School and Dualities

All the information we are receiving today says this is the next vibration - creation without limitation.


If you are connected with a group that would like to learn more of this information, we can come to you! Please contact us.

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