August, 2008: Centering in the Heart
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August, 2008 Newsletter - Centering in the Heart

* Centering In The Heart
* Freedom from the Past
* Change Your Energy - Change Your Life
* Clearing Old Energy
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Centering in our Heart
This is something that we have been sharing for a long time; yet it appears to still be one of the greatest challenges for most. All of us by now are experienced in many ways on the path of enlightenment. After all, we've been in this game of life awhile, read lots of books and attended lots of workshops with lots of different teachers. The message from everyone everywhere is: We must center ourselves in our heart center - our heart chakra. Based on what we have seen and been told by thousands of individuals around the world, this can become overwhelming for many.

Over and over we hear the same stories with a slight variation. It does not matter the country, heritage or culture. People everywhere are working hard to stay in their heart center - only to discover that this intensifies their emotional body which in turn overloads their nervous system. Burn-out begins and their physical body is damaged. Can you see how frustrating this has been for us - why we feel like a broken record? It only takes a slight adjustment, an easy technique to change! These patterns can be released - forever! It's simple to find a new way of being in your body with freedom from the old energetic dynamics that have kept you hostage, captive or hurt in the past.

Why does being in our heart center intensify our emotional body and/or create chaos in our personal relationships?

1) Every time we fall in love, we move to our heart center in order to feel the love of ourselves and our lover. We mix our energies and life forces together to make our love real. We obtain a sense of togetherness that we have never felt before. We become one with each other, understanding what love really is.

2) Then we make love. That moves us from our heart center to our root/base chakra, then to our partner's root/base chakra and then to their heart chakra. This begins energetic looping which intensifies the energy of our heart center.

3) Being centered in our heart chakra requires that we be completely open, never closed or shut down, or even just partially open.

4) We soon discover that we need to find and learn a different way of being open; for we are becoming overwhelmed with the emotions of life; our nervous systems feel burned out and we are too sensitive.

5) After some time, we become aware of life issues in other lower chakras: the issues of power and control in our third chakra and male and female issues found in our second chakra. Our energetic looping now includes our heart chakra with all lower chakras and we become 'hard wired'. We continue running this energy throughout our life. Unless we can find a way to break these patterns, we will continue to attract the same kind of energy in future partners and in other relationships. In the meantime, we lose a part of ourselves by shutting down the creative part of our root/base chakra.


Freedom From the Past
How can we keep ourselves open in our heart center without attracting these kinds of old patterns and energy dynamics? Many individuals around the world have shut themselves off from the energy of their root/base chakra, their sexual self in order to avoid attracting more of what they do not want. Unfortunately, by feeling their survival is dependent upon not experiencing from their root/base chakra, they have also moved away from their creative self - their passion for living and for creativity. We know this to be true because we have worked one-on-one with thousands of people around the world.

It's not right or wrong to be addicted to old looping energy. It's a normal factor of life. After all, it is this old energy that we feel will take us back to love and to the experiences we can have when we are in love. Each of us is made of all types of energy and all kinds of projections. Every individual is addicted to some kind of energy or imprint of energy. Projections (the thoughts, ideas, feelings and judgments of others) come from all types of dynamics and occur at any time. What about projections that we get when we are younger? How do they affect us as adults? After listening to so many stories, it is apparent that we become imprinted by these energetic projections; many of which remain with us for years and lifetimes before we discover where the origin of our feelings and how and where we are energetically imprinted. What do you think would happen to a person who is making love with their partner and that partner is fantasizing about another individual or thinking something else (other than making love)? Whatever energy is being attracted to their partner in that moment is passed onto both of them.


Change Your Energy - Change Your Life
How can we change the energy in our body in order to change the way we feel? By moving to the pineal gland - in the center of our head. Doing this will create space - time - for us to become less reactive. Moving to the pineal gland provides us with more than 366 subtle senses - allowing us to become even more sensitive. Not the overwhelming kind of sensitivity we feel in our heart - the kind of sensitivity that allows us to sense energy before it hits our energy field - before it compromises our emotions and affects our physical body. Moving to the pineal gland gives us that moment of opportunity to make a choice to react or not.

Think of the energy patterns in your body like a circuit of life force. Energy runs throughout your body at all times until you change the circuit. Only then can your vibration/energy/past experiences/old patterns change. We have to be open to sense the things around us in a softer/safer way. Moving to the pineal gland allows you to do that. Using the Living Light Breath to move your center to your pineal gland also helps heal the three (3) lower chakras so you can change those old patterns, old power and control, male and female issues.

If you really want to attract different relationships, if you really want to feel good about yourselves and the way in which you communicate with others, if you really want to feel free from old energy projections, imprints and old patterns so you no longer have to attract the same types of people and experiences - then you have to change ! Change your energy - change your life.


Clearing Old Patterns
Here is a very simple technique that will help you change your vibration and change your life. It's not a lightning fast fix, a fast answer in this age of fast food - but it works if you are willing to help yourself by doing your own work. Perhaps the technique is too simple to make sense. Life conditions us to think that no pain, no gain. Life experiences have already caused you to have pain. Why not gain insight into yourself, change your vibration and change your life.

If you can love yourself only one percent (1%) more than you have ever loved yourself - you would change. How can you love more than you have ever been loved in the past? How can your future experiences of love be different than those in your past? The energetic clearing technique will show you how. Give yourself three (3) days and you will notice changes. Use it all the time and it will become a state of mind. You will love yourself more, you will change your energetic signature, change your vibration and your life will change. What have you got to lose? The choice is yours.

You might also want to read all about energetic looping and much more in 'The Way It Works'. We call this 'Energy 101- A New Beginning'.

Do we believe you need to center yourself in your heart? ABSOLUTELY - YES - yet only after you have developed and practiced being more sensitive and allowing yourself the space for choice of whether or not you want to be reactive by 'feeling' the full energies of this 'real' world and those in it.

The heart center is so much more than other teachers might share with you. If you are interested in how to remain open and balanced in all of your chakras and bring yourself back fully to yourself, read the first part of The Heart of Soul Healing. You can also attend Nancy's chakra workshop for she teaches the full emotional and energetic responsibility of each chakra.

You have the choice to change. Change your energy - change your life. You can do this - we have faith that you can.


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