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June 2013

Personal Power

June 2013 News:

Personal Power

(excerpt from 'The Way It Works')

The most common challenge our clients,students, friends, and family have in connecting to the Creator and mastering all the conditions they place on love is that they have not fully stepped into their power.

The majority of our students/clients have stopped giving pieces of themselves (their power) away to others after realizing that the people they gave it to were using it against them. During a Heart & Soul Healing session, when individuals are in touch with their deepest wisdom and understanding, they all state that they subconsciously use ninety percent of their energy to stop themselves from fully taking their power. They are also using a similar amount of energy to keep themselves out of the fullness of love. If they stopped giving their power away, why would they still be afraid to claim it for themselves? There are three possible answers that explain this behavior.

First, we are moving into a time of instantaneous creation when we will have a thought or feeling and our physical reality will instantly change. We are aware of this already when we imagine future events taking a specific course and they do, or we think about someone and they call on the phone. All of us have seen We are moving into this time of instantaneous creation and we are experiencing this type of creation in our everyday lives. We are starting to know what is going to happen before it does. Instantaneous creation is the most common vibration shared in higher dimensions.

How many of us are ready to accept the responsibility and consequences of instantaneous creation? What if your next thought and feeling created a completely different physical environment or reality? To be ready for such powerful creative skills, we must be peaceful, have a quiet mind, adopt and feel unconditional love for ourselves, feel unconditional compassion for others, and be experienced in all forms of earthly creation.

The second reason most of us are hesitant to fully take our power is that we are not clear about how our lives would change. Could we handle it? What if — right now! — you were one thousand times more powerful? How would you be? How would that feel? What would you do with such power? Would you feel safe? Would others feel safe? Unless we already understood our creations — understood them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually — we could be afraid we would continue to create the same patterns in the future that we created in the past. Why would we trust ourselves to create more unless we fully understood why we created our present lives — our issues, our relationships, our families, and all of our experiences?

The third reason most individuals do not claim their full power is they do not realize they are stand-alone creators. Most of us were taught and believe we have to co-create with others and in doing so must give our power away. If we do not realize we are all individual creators, each of us on our own perfect life journey, we will tend to judge the creations of others based on how we believe they should be creating. The truth is, everyone’s creations are absolutely perfect. We are all creating situations to help us master our issues in order to evolve and be more like Source. Who can say other peoples’ realities, even if they are harsher than what we might want for ourselves, are not exactly what they need to experience to understand their life’s purpose and take their power?

Only when we first become responsible creators, aware of what we create in our own lives, can we truly co-create with others.

So what does taking your full power mean to you? What experiences have you created when you knew you had given away your power, or parts of yourself to another? How hard is it for you to claim your full power? Why haven't you had the experience of being in your own power thus far? What do you need to do/clear/release/become in order to experience your full power?

We'd love to hear your comments - and so would the rest of our readers. It's important for each of us to realize that only when we are in our own power can we assist others to find the same experience and truth within themselves.

If you would like to reclaim your power by finding the missing pieces of yourself caught up in the emotions of your past, contact us for a Heart & Soul Healing session.....

Thanks for reading,
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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