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May 2013

Change your Past -
Have Choices for your Future

May 2013 News

The Power of Energy

Last month, we asked you to think for yourself, consider the dynamics in your life and let us know: what keeps you in fear? and
how does being in and out of the flow of energy affect you or others?

Here's the link to 'The Power of Energy', if you haven't read it earlier. This page contains some of the comments and questions we received from last month's newsletter.

There are no limitations to creative energy. This means if you are in balance with the creative flow, you really can change your past. Just because you've been told that you are the product of your past does not mean that you are stuck or that your future can't be different. This is what we mean when we say that you first must heal yourself. Remember, 'Self' is made up of everything: family, religion, country, heritage, friends, experiences, ideas, judgments, feelings ...

It will require you to take back your power to stay balanced within the flow of creative energy. This flow has all the information for your life, including everything and everyone that you have been a part of in your past. By clearing and healing the events, traumas, feelings and energetic connections in your past, by finding those pieces of yourself that were stuck in the emotions of each circumstance and returning them to you, you can be whole and your past can be healed. Your future will then have more choices and your family can be free to have choices on their path.

Yet all of this only makes sense if we are spiritually evolving: old patterns continue to hold us in the past and the world feels stuck, trapped as if no one can get out. One thing we have seen - old energy/emotions from the past become hard. If not released, they can begin to affect your physical body. Releasing the past allows you to evolve into your own future.

When you change yourself and move to a lighter vibration, you will respond differently to emotional energetics from your past. When they appear, you will be able to sense them and recognize them while having a choice of whether to react or not. This will be the key to help change continue in your life.

Being in balance in the different levels of your being (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual) brings you into the creative flow. Remember 'The Boomerang Effect' can halt any movement if you are not in complete alignment with whatever changes and creations you are choosing.

Unfortunately, we've seen millions of people who could not change - let go- of their past and it consumed them. They became emotionally overwhelmed by their changes and attempted to hold on to things from their past. This threw them back into old energies and they became stuck - fearful of change and yet afraid of remaining the same.

Discover for yourself how easily you can bring about changes in your life. Change requires work and intention. The hardest part is letting go of ideas and judgments that have been with you for such a long time, subconsciously holding you back from moving into any new space of awareness.

Helping yourself bring about change also means being aware of how you treat your physical self by resting, eating healthy foods and avoiding addictive behaviors. Practice the energetic clearing technique, become liquid light and get out of your emotions with the Living Light Breath. We've seen these exercises work - over and over. Just give yourself the opportunity - it will only take a few days before you notice subtle differences in what you perceive and how you respond or react to various situations or people. Move into the creative flow of life by loving yourself and having compassion for others.

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Thanks for reading,
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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