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April 2013

The Power of Energy

April 2013 News:

The Power of Energy

We often let you know about the challenges that people are facing when they come to us for help. By sharing, our hope is that you will be inspired in ways you can help yourself, your friends or family members.

Most Important: we ask you to think for yourself. What you hear, what you read, what people tell you is not always true for you. We even want you to question what you have learned and whether or not you are prepared to work with the full power of energy.

When you are in a creative flow, your energy is running wide open. This life force energy has many names: chi, qi, ki. We believe it is a part of everyone and everything. There are no limitations to creative energy. Yet how many truly understand the magnitude of the energy we can tap into and have it become a part of us? Are we prepared to handle the consequences of 'running' this type of force? Are we even aware of containing the energy within ourselves and not allowing it to be projected to others?

What happens to you when you are in this dynamic flow and you suddenly stop. Perhaps fear, doubt, confusion (etc.) stops you. There is an actual physical reaction that occurs at that moment. You are moving rapidly, you stop - and the excess of energy can immediately react upon a part of your body or your life. This can occur during any type of intense energetic work. When you break the flow, the energy has to go somewhere.

Look at it another way: You've learned something new, you are passionate about sharing and you are projecting your thoughts and feelings onto someone else. You may even have learned a new way of healing and are working with others. This powerful energy is flowing through you.

The Boomerang Effect

If you have one moment that is not in complete alignment with the flow, you abruptly halt energy from moving and a boomerang effect can happen. You could get hurt. Worse, someone you care about might be the recipient of all that energy. Please remember that the weakest part of your body can be the most vulnerable as will be the weakest individual in your life, whether it is your lover or your child. Unfortunately, we have seen this happen to family members or loved ones of the individuals running the energy.

If we told you that the intensity of life force energy can be powerfully addictive, you might believe us. If we told you that the same powerful energy can be harmful, you would be afraid. Yet this same life force energy is in love, compassion, anger, hurt and rage. It runs through everything and everyone in creation.

So why aren't other teachers telling you about this dynamic? Why isn't this information being shared with everyone performing or receiving any type of energy work? Why aren't you being taught about the energetic effects that are possible when dealing with all types of energy, including love and opening your heart?

Some possibilities:
1) Because other teachers don't understand the enormity of what they are actually teaching to others;
2) Because if the students were told about all potential consequences and outcomes, they would not do the work that they are being taught - and the teachers would have no future students;
3) Because most individuals would be too afraid to work with themselves or others.

The world of energy healing has all kinds of information being presented. We've seen people go to a workshop to learn a new method, they have not received information concerning the consequences of working in that type of energy, they are surely not prepared for the combination of the new energy and the dynamics that already exist in their life. So they get hurt. They run before they learn to walk. We've seen too many healers and teachers burn out or get hurt.

Energy itself - consciousness - is as old as human history. There's lots we can talk about - and days of discussion to become aware of the facts about life force energy. Individuals in Eastern Philosophy study years and years before they take their first step...

Yet this is our question:
Is there anyone 'out there' in newsletter land that really wants this information? Or do you already know what we are talking about?

We want to know - what do you want to know more about? Why did you stop doing healing work? Why did you go to the workshop and never practice what you learned? What were you taught and why didn't it work for you? Have you attended workshops where the teacher was less than forcoming with information?

Fear of energy isn't good. The more you know, the less there is to fear.

So -
If you'd like to know more, write us about your experiences and we will be glad to share; give us your own ideas about this and we will share them with others.

Thanks for reading,
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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