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March 2018

Our Symbiotic Connection

March 2018 News:

*Our Symbiotic Connection to the Collective Consciousness

As we help others, we are actually healing ourselves.  Often, however, we do not fully or completely understand this symbiotic energy connection to all life.  We assist someone else without any real thought to the effect that their energy has upon ourselves and our family.  So, if our intentions are good, and our heart is in the right place, why do we sometimes feel so tired – as if our own life force was literally being drained from us?  Why do we get sick, either emotionally, mentally or physically? 

When we each began our own healing paths, we soon noticed that many fellow practitioners of various healing modalities would get sick, or worse – weakened or broken.  We witnessed not only physical sickness but emotional and mental dis-harmony. This insight came from years in which we facilitated thousands of personal healing sessions on many types of individuals – primarily other healers, medical and social personnel, teachers, religious and spiritual leaders. 

People who are in service and put themselves ‘out there’ to help others have such compassion for their human or animal friends, and yet find their nervous systems getting burned out or their energy compromised in some way.   We have found the most credible representation of this fact to be those individuals practicing the healing arts – thousands upon thousands of healers literally experienced their nervous systems break down from the energy of working with others.  They were in such physical or emotional pain they could no longer work full time.

When working to understand the energy of our own physical body, we must consider the spiritual framework that surrounds and connects each of us.  This is what we call the Collective Consciousness.  People feel something so much, or put so much energy into it, they’ve actually created a consciousness with a life force that wants to continue to perpetuate itself. 

Based on years of experience in helping others to heal, we find the human energy field is often expanded beyond the body.  Most individuals use their energetic field for protection, extending it even hundreds of yards beyond their body.  We have witnessed spiritual teachers promote the expansion of our energy beyond our body to create various vibrational fields, or to have a unique spiritual experience.  This method of energy field expansion can cause us to become over-exposed to all types of energy within the Collective Consciousness.

It is imperative that we know for ourselves how energy works in our own life so we can maintain a healthy energetic balance – to understand the causes for dis-harmony so we can care for ourselves,  both spiritually as well as physically. Only then can we identify certain patterns – certain causes for problems, conflicts or sickness. Remember – nothing is random.  Reaching the level of understanding that we are all one with creation, we now know that our energy directly affects the Collective. 

Everything we experience is being experienced within the Collective Consciousness.  Every type of energy we have within us is attracted to the same type of energy within the Collective Consciousness.  For one example:  every fear we have is magnified by the fear within the Collective Consciousness,  bringing even more intensified fear into our field of awareness.

Energetically, we have always been a part of everything and everyone.  Our energy, like a ripple in a still pond, touches all other energy.  The energy of everyone else also touches each one of us.  That concept is part of almost every belief structure, although not fully understood.  We all continue to attract circumstances and people to our lives that reflect the energy of our past experiences until we recognize that we are the very magnet creating the attraction.

The Collective Consciousness continues to ‘collect’ energy from every dynamic within our life at the present time and from our past.  Nationality of origin, culture, country and environment where we live, male/female dynamics, age, education – all of this and more play a role in the Collective Consciousness.

It is possible to free ourselves from the old energy that has now formed into our karma.  That can give us more choices in life to create a future different than your past.

Begin now by moving back into your own space – your body.  Use the energetic clearing technique to come back into balance by loving yourself in the moment. 

Become less reactive to the energy of the Collective Consciousness by becoming Liquid Light.  This technique also helps you to avoid the projections of others.

STOP trying to 'fix' others. STOP processing the emotions of others. STOP giving in to your fear.

If you have a group interested in bringing the Secrets of the Collective Consciousness to your location, please contact us.

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Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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