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November 2020

Dark Night of the Soul

November 2020 News:

How does Karma relate to our:
Dark Night - Hidden Side of the Soul

With the global presence of COVID-19 and millions around the world dying - does karma - the law of 'cause and effect' have a role?

People who have been affected in many different ways by COVID-19 are asking: 'Why me? Why This? Why Now? '

A few questions for you: 
Is everything made up of energy? 
Is that energy filled with emotion?
The culture, society, area where we live has its’ own energy and thus its’ own karma.  Our racial heritage has its’ own energy and its’ own karma.  

Our past karma continues to play out in present day when we continue energetically doing what we always did - thinking what we always thought - and being who we think we are (based on our past experiences). This can even lead us to 'crash' into ourself and hurl into the roadblocks in life.

Lots of people feel they are victimized by the current circumstances in their life.   If we are indeed evolving, those feelings and emotions of being a victim would sooner or later, attract (like a magnet) the very ‘karma’ that the victim persona believes they are entitled to – not more and not less.   If we believe we are creators and that our life circumstances reflect (like a mirror) the energetic karma we are sending out or projecting, that awareness has the potential to influence our circumstances so we can magnetically attract a different vibration to us – and change ourselves. 

Dualities such as right/wrong - good/bad - love/hate are evolving, changing and collapsing onto each other. This makes life appear to be going faster. As dualities collapse, we are pushed into another space: the VOID, our karmic past. What we face in the void will be our remaining fears - the sum total of our past. That experience can create a 'Dark Night-Hidden Side- of the Soul as we begin to heal our karmic past.

The last chapter in the newest edition of 'The Way It Works' explains why this can happen, and how you can find release to move forward with life.

Read the book here.

View Ken's video on our YouTube Channel that speaks more about the Dark Night-Hidden Side-of the Soul.

When you are ready to begin letting go and releasing, the first place to begin is to start loving yourself. We know: this sounds like a broken record, because we ask that you do this nearly every newsletter. Well, it's the most important gift you can give to yourself so your vibration can get LIGHTER. That will make you less reactive to what you have created - and help with your own karma. Learn to Love Yourself FIRST.

That is the first of four (4) recommended Clearing Techniques. If you really want to change your vibration in order to heal your past - and provide for an easier future, this is where you begin. Each technique - along with nearly 40 additional videos - are on our YouTube Channel.

We send you blessings along your path. 

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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NOTE: If there is a subconscious program playing out that says ‘you do not deserve’, ‘you can never have’, or any other self-sabotaging statement – you will not be able to attract to you what you do choose and want.  Release old emotions, discover underlying beliefs, break old karma and realize your full potential.

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