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November 2012
Finding Balance with Love

November News: 

Happy Thanksgiving To those of you in the United States. For all of you worldwide, we give thanks for your loyalty and your persistence in working on healing yourselves, your families and in turn, the consciousness of our planet.

*Finding a Balance with Love
*Express Gratitude

*Our Way of Giving Back
*Complete the Cycle of 2012


*Finding Balance with Love

There are many ways that Love can become painful, angry and distorted. Is it possible that the emotion of Love can be confused as a result of the energy from your past, the emotions you hold on to, or the dynamics in the world around you? Has Love actually hurt when all you wanted was to open your heart? Why is it challenging to stay centered and balanced with the emotion of Love? Life seems to get in the way of feeling good, being creative and being free to be yourself. There are many reasons why opening your heart can often cause feelings of being overwhelmed.

Never open yourself or your heart center outwardly - until you are able to be open inward - to your inner self - all the time. There are always conditions when you are loving things or other people; some conditions feel safe and some hurt.  Finding balance with the people around you is the most important lesson to learn in life.

When you open your heart center outwardly and do not love yourself unconditionally, you will attract what you do not love about yourself, and it will create chaos for you.  You will continue to attract people who represent each of the things you do not love about yourself.

These are some of the reasons why we want you to learn to love yourself first:

1. Did you know that when you are happy with yourself and your life, and you enjoy being alive, your heart is open?
2. You are the only person in your life that can love yourself unconditionally. If you don’t, you can’t be open to your true self, or anything or anyone else.
3. It appears you are always looking for love to come from outside you.
4. If you don’t love yourself completely and unconditionally:
you can actually make yourself sick, you will continue being everything in your past; no matter how hard you try to distance yourself from your past; and you will keep recreating your past and feel stuck - frozen in time.

When you feel overwhelmed, it’s because your nervous system is burning out.  It then becomes hard to trust others or even yourself.  It begins to filter your reality.  

Read more about why Love can be dangerous and ask yourself the questions shown here.

Most of the love in the world is conditional love.  If you really loved someone – unconditionally – you would have to let them go; there is no sense of power or control of love or where it will take you when it becomes unconditional.

We wrote a small book entitled: Heart & Soul Healing: Energy Dynamics and provided you with easy steps to take - BEFORE moving into your heart center. Follow the techniques in order, learn to quiet your mind, move your energy inwardly and you can safely open your heart. The book is available now in print for $10.95. It will be included in our new shopping cart shortly. Contact us by email or by phone and we will provide you with a .pdf download that you can print for $5.00.


*Express Gratitude

We know from experience that being thankful - expressing gratitude - is the truest and simplest way of connecting with that inner part of ourselves. So we encourage everyone each and every day to express sincere thanks - to be grateful for someone or something in your life. It's the small gift of gratitude that can grow to a giant blessing for everyone.

Thanks for reading,
Many Blessings, 
Ken and Nancy

*Our way of giving back:

To express our gratitude, we are offering a special promotion. Over the years, many of you have called or sent an email requesting an opportunity to just 'talk' to Ken or Nancy, without having to schedule a life coaching or healing session. This time of year (holidays and winter months) can often be hard, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed.

Ken and Nancy will hold open two (2) different days each week/weekend to talk to you. The only requirement: work with two techniques for at least three (3) days: become liquid light and use the energetic clearing technique. These techniques will take you less than two (2) minutes each day - and will help you feel lighter and less reactive to what is in your world.

$40 USD for 30 minutes. These talks are not just for individuals; couples, friends and discussion groups can all listen at the same time via SKYPE or conference calls. While not healing sessions, these talks can provide you with the insights you need to move forward. Contact us by email or by phone to make an appointment.


*December Sessions:
Complete the Cycle of 2012 so you can begin NEW in 2013

Are you tired of repeating old patterns? Did you read the questions on the linked page and find youself wondering how the energies of your past might be affecting the love you seek today? Do you want to experience wholeness and balance in your life? Are you tired of the chaos coming from past creations and old emotions? Are you ready to feel free and light?

Remote (phone/skype) sessions are being discounted for the entire month of December: now only $100.00. This includes review of your questionnaire and a full remote session.

Contact us by email or by phone to make an appointment. Stop creating by default - release your past! This is your opportunity to complete whatever cycle you have been in before the end of 2012, so that 2013 can be a year of creating with conscious choice.


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