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June 2012

A Return to the Beginning

June 2012 News:


Return to the Beginning

We've been in hibernation a bit - recovering and resting after our work in Europe for nearly three months. It was nearly six (6) years from the first time that we had visited Slovenia. We felt nearly complete a couple of years ago and waited more than a year to return for two more annual visits. We wrote in our earlier newsletters, that this country afforded us - actually forced us - to learn to help people in a new and different way. With their curiosity and willingness to share, we found true friends and fellow healers.

Our awareness has changed, thanks to those people who shared themselves and helped us continue with our work. Even though we have more than sixty-five (65) combined years of healing practice - it is these experiences that now allow us to work with individuals from all walks of life, from different cultures, belief systems, religions and diversity. We have literally 'seen it all'. We could not have created and shared this new way of working without the help of the people in Slovenia.

We feel that Heart & Soul Healing through the Art of Transference contains the most advanced healing practice - continuing to work with every shift in consciousness on our planet. Previously, spiritual or energetic healing attracted only spiritual or metaphysical people. Now we work with anyone who wants to change, to release emotional baggage and to move forward in their life.

To say thanks, we taught the first group of practitioners in Slovenia - the advanced Heart & Soul Healing through the Art of Transference. It was so rewarding --- sharing what we had learned with the very people who helped us begin this work. We feel we have now returned what was given. We are most grateful and proud of the Slovenian students from the April 2012 course.


Change to Keep Up with NOW!

Most of the time when we need to change - and we just seem to be stuck, something happens to us that forces us to change. At the very least, we begin to look at our life in a different way. For ourselves, we think it is even harder to change as we get older!

We all know that life just has to get easier. Change is here. Shift is here. Learn to flow with the wave of change that you feel in your heart. It might be easier to do that by becoming more sensitive and less reactive to the old emotional patterns that are with you - and to those people in your life that bring about your reactions.

Life gets easier when you become invisible to the old patterns that keep you from being who you want to be - who you are as an authentic self. Loving yourself is the first place to start - using the energetic clearing technique. More and more people forget the third part of this practice: loving yourself like something you love to do; dancing, cooking, listening to music - anything that makes you want to smile!

This technique also helps you focus to be present, wherever you are and whatever situation you might be experiencing in that moment - BE Present!

Become liquid light - the truth contained within your cellular being - and avoid the projections of others.

The next best way out is to become more sensitive and less reactive to energy. The easiest way to do this is to move away from your emotions by first centering in your hara point (with the Living Light Breath), to heal your lower three chakras and develop subtle senses so your normal senses will not become overwhelmed. You can then activate your pineal gland to feel and experience the total expansiveness of your own universe, healing your very DNA. After developing this ability, you will automatically illuminate your heart in a different way - being totally open to experience Oneness with all creation. All the information we are receiving today says this is the next vibration - creation without limitation.

Thanks for reading,

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

Calendar of Events

9-Day Intensive Course in Melbourne, Australia
First Time in Australia: Learn Heart & Soul Healing through The Art of Transference - August 2012


Learn to Be Whole, Free of Fear and Finally balanced in both Left and Right Hand Paths, allowing you to Create change in your own life: Heart & Soul Healing through the Art of Transference.
Attend our 9-day intensive course. Begin preparations now! February 2013 in Cleveland, Georgia USA.


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