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April 2018

Loving Ourselves Includes Loving
Our Body

April 2018 News:


We have all heard the mantra:  ‘take care of your body and it will take care of you’.  So we exercise, attempt to eat healthy foods, practice brain games and do everything we can think to do – all in loving our body and taking care of ourselves.

Our body is also a storehouse of every emotion that we feel, experience and store – not just in the present, but holding every single experience from our past.  That results in energetic patterns that our body wears, often causing us to have ‘emotional triggers’. 

All of us have a part of ourselves that seems weaker than the rest of us. It's the place inside where all our anger, fear, stress, disappointment etc. goes. We know where it is, because when things get 'too much', this part of our body reacts and we begin to feel even more distress; sometimes we even get sick.  Our body is then attempting to communicate with us. 

Each day we experience reactions to something or someone. Even stress presents us with many types of emotional responses. These emotional reactions are caused by a spark or trigger from something that happened in our past. 

Deepak Chopra says that the average person has 60,000 thoughts each day; 90% or 54,000 of those thoughts are from yesterday - the past. If this factor is considered, then we have 19,710,000 every year. Multiply that by only 5 years and we have had 98,550,000 thoughts from the past!!  Within 10 years, that number becomes 197,100,000 thoughts from yesterday, last week, last month or years past.

Billions, trillions of thoughts of regret, disappointment, dreams or wishes unanswered, hurtful words, anger, hunger, pain, death, and all manner of emotions that - today - can be triggered by one simple word or feeling; immediately throwing us back into a past remembrance (thought).  And - these numbers represent only our own thoughts; they do not include the thoughts, opinions and emotional projections of anyone else in our lives.

One thing most people don't realize or ask themselves: who is the weakest person in your relationships or your family life? This person could appear to be strong on the outside, yet they could be ready to break down on the inside. Perhaps they don't really have healthy eating habits, or they smoke, take certain medications, use drugs or drink too much alcohol. You've noticed that this person appears to be stressed or sad most of the time, or their relationship is not the best.

Subconsciously, everyone in your life 'dumps' their emotional stuff onto you. After all, when you are caring or willing to be of assistance, it's easy for others to energetically give you everything they don't want. Remember, this is done subconsciously. Yet, it can become addictive for the one doing the 'dumping'. They feel bad or stressed and it's easy for them to leave you with their 'stuff'. Sometimes you even wonder why you suddenly feel bad, when you were feeling great and happy! It's hard to believe that the most dangerous people in our lives are those closest to us. Why? Because we don't have good boundaries with them. Their emotional energetics can often overwhelm your nervous system. You don't see it coming, you just get sick or hurt.

Thousands of different energetics can affect us. Do you realize that we have a chemical reaction to emotions? If we feel controlled or fearful, our body gives us a chemical reaction in our mouth. We immediately hold our breath and tense up. Sometimes, we do this several hundred times a day. Instinctively, we turn to eating, smoking, drinking - anything we can do in order to feel we are getting back in control of ourselves.

Our experience shows that more than seventy-five (75%) of the emotions we hold within us - are not even ours!  Some people have felt that number to be nearer to 90%.  These emotions belong to other people in our lives, like parents, siblings, friends, relationships, co-workers, neighbors, our community and our country. So the numbers of emotional triggers become even larger, and we begin to react negatively to a past negative, creating something that could be deadly.

When does the number of past emotions begin to overwhelm us? How long does it take for the emotions of our yesterdays to compound until our emotional body breaks down? Is it when we feel exhausted and go to bed for a day? Or do we continue feeling and carrying everything until our physical body reacts to this burden, gets sick or diseased or some of our parts actually fall off? Do we have to be lying in the middle of the road waiting for something to run us over before we do something for ourselves? When exactly do we 'get it'? How long must we continue dragging our past around before we 'let go'? When do we realize that we must release our past in order to create a different future?

We have watched people we know became ill; some have even died from the emotional dynamics in their lives. They were taught how to change their vibration, to become lighter and less reactive. They could not let go of their past, so they did not change. We've seen thousands of people call themselves healers and then get sick, or members of their family get hurt. This becomes sad for us - yet it does not have to be that way ! Maybe it's because we say these things too much, write them out too often or remind people to be responsible for themselves. When do the facts begin to 'stick'? When does anyone 'get it'?

If you lighten your vibration it WILL change your past!

It's up to each and everyone of us to work on ourselves. It would only take 5-10 minutes each day for you to change, to release the emotions that you have dragged around for your entire life.

Do the four clearing techniques the energetic clearing technique, becoming liquid lightmoving your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and changing the vibration of your name

Read the free book 'The Way It Works'

This information is not new; perhaps it's just set out in a different way to show you that we can all change. By being happy, being lighter and doing the things that we love to do, we can release our creative self. It also requires that we stop judging and just be easier on ourselves. We've said often in our lectures and workshops: the older we get, the more we judge ourselves, especially when comparing ourselves to others.

Remember, if you can love yourself only one percent (1%) more than you have ever loved yourself, your vibration will become lighter and you will change; your life will change.

Love yourself and your body will respond.  Your body will be happy you paid attention to your own health.

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Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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