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February 2013

Love and Relationships

February 2013 News:

In this month of Valentine hearts and love, we want to stress the necessity and importance of first - giving unconditional love to ourself.


Years ago when he was working out of the country, Ken had time to think about his life and family. Ken: "I was worried about my four daughters. They were experiencing digestive and reproductive organ problems. Their problems seemed to start about two years before, when I had a hernia operation. I spent days thinking about how my work and my own physical problems
could be affecting them. Then it became clear.

I was loving my girls more than they were loving themselves. By loving them this way, I was energetically saying that they were not perfect. I realized that love is fluid and ever changing. I knew that Creator was fluid, but I had not made this connection about love. By loving them more, I was holding them in place and there was a transfer of energy between us. I also saw how the energy of chaos in London could be affecting them. I felt deeply satisfied
freeing my children from this old consciousness."

Changing this energy for a split second allows for more choices to individuals caught up in this consciousness. If people make similar choices to the ones they made in the past, the consciousness reconstructs in a similar way, but the possibility of making a different choice is still available. Having a choice is the greatest gift one can give to another. It is called freedom.

I allowed myself to become fluid and met my children where they were. Our love then became fluid. My love was there for them, but not holding them. We became partners in a fluid dance
of unconditional love."

We've developed a technique that is simple. It's based upon the fact that our bodies are actually more liquid than solid. By using this thought process over and over every day, the projections of others do not have the same affect upon us. We call it: Becoming Liquid Light

Most of us naturally loop with our loved ones. We create patterns of interaction where we reflect each other's issues, and we continue these patterns of engagement to keep our loved
ones attached to us. In the past, some of us might have been afraid that if we didn't reflect the issues of our loved ones, they would leave us to find someone who would.


Is there a connection between our heart and our soul? Where is the soul located in the body? How do we evolve? What is the purpose of our existence on Earth and our connection to God or
Source? It seems our entire lives have been dedicated to answering these questions and understanding why some people feel connected to Source and others feel empty. It's also
important that we understand the relationship of our soul and spirit to our body, mind, and heart.

Throughout history, we have not been given the opportunity to learn the truth about ourselves, our connection to Source, and our soul. Those in power have kept us in the dark where we became lost in the outer world. Why wouldn't those who had discovered the secrets of life want us to know that each of us has the potential to become the light of Source?

Spiritual and political leaders have suppressed the truth for a number of reasons: cultural, racial, religious, and sexual. For centuries, people have searched for truth in the name of
God. Wars have been fought. Millions have been killed. There are more than 1700 religions here on Earth today, including billions of Catholics, Muslims, and Hindus. Whose beliefs are correct? Where does this fervent religious energy go? How does it affect our planet? Have religious beliefs affected our love, compassion, and creativity?

Ken: "In my own search for the soul, I began hearing and seeing stories about my past times in my dreams. I did not know where these experiences came from. Now I know that each of us is
full of such stories. Each of us reenacts our stories over and over again as we start to awaken to our inner truth. Our outer world no longer fits who we have become. As we awaken,
there is no need for the past to remind us who we are. There is no need to hide any longer."

People have many different ideas about what it means to be open and to be loving. Everyone who has ever fallen in love feels the expansion of their heart. So how come it's so hard to stay in the heart? We are not talking about the physical heart now - we're talking about the heart center - the heart chakra. This space is an energetic gateway to our soul, which we believe is located along the centerline of the body, next to the physical heart.

The Chakras are energetic life force centers throughout the physical body. There are seven to nine main chakras, dependent upon various schools of thought. Many of us are uncomfortable with the energies of the lower three chakras, because the
majority of the challenges in the world originate from those areas. The first chakra at the base of the spine, begins with sexual/survival energy. It then evolves into sexual/creative
energy and finally culminates in creative energy. Most people never get out of sexual/survival dynamics because of their personal sexual experiences.

The second chakra in the lower abdomen is the point of balance for male and female energy.

The third chakra, at the solar plexus, is the center of power and control. If our lower chakras are not balanced we will continue to energetically loop from the fourth chakra, our heart, to the first, second, and third chakras. Falling in love and making love creates an energetic connection between the heart chakra and the base chakras. The different physical and emotional experiences we have in relationships set up energetic pathways. Subconsciously we keep attracting others until we physically master sexual/survival feelings and emotions.

Our students and clients all relate how certain patterns of behavior continue to repeat themselves. Even when people seem to come from a loving space, many repeatedly struggle with
power and control issues in their relationships. Why would this happen? This may be different than the way you have heard or been taught: We believe that connecting heart to heart, creates a dynamic we call 'energetic looping' - engaging with others by subconsciously projecting our own issues onto them.


How many of us love ourselves unconditionally? Do we love the way we look? Our hairline? Our body shape? Do we love every aspect of our life? Our job? Our house? Our family? What has been our experience of love? Have we ever been loved completely? Did any of our parents love us to our full ability to be loved? It wasn't until later in life that most of us realized our parents could only love us as much as they loved themselves. Is this also true for us? Can we only love others as much as we love ourselves?

Along with not loving themselves, most people normally project their energy field outward several hundred feet from their bodies. When our body's energy field is projected outside our
actual physical body - we become vulnerable (open to receive) everything else in our world. That includes all kinds of energy, wanted and unwanted. This in turn affects our physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Having our energy field out beyond our physical body, allows us to also energetically loop with others. These energetic loops will continue beyond the time we are physically with these people. When we see them again, the energetic patterns are still there. The other person continues to unconsciously project their issues onto us (guilt, anger, sadness, pain etc.) Spiritually, this ongoing dynamic can help us to master our own similar issues. Yet physically, emotionally and mentally, it is often hard to separate our issues/lessons with those of others. Use the energetic clearing technique to get your energy field back into your body and learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Please understand: loving yourself unconditionally is very attractive. Your loved ones will feel this wonderful energy and want to be around you, even if they don't know why. It is both
healthier and easier to attract and keep a lover by loving yourself than by reflecting another's fear and pain.

What will the difference be when you are in our space, loving yourself, compassionate towards others, and not projecting your own issues? The other person will not be able to energetically loop with you in the same way, because you are not unconsciously projecting your issues or reflecting their issues back to them. Being in your own space and learning to love yourself helps you to recognize your issues and take responsibility for them. You will then have a choice about how you wish to continue to grow spiritually. You can learn by witnessing others and the dynamics around you, rather than engaging in the same patterns from the past.

As we fully embrace the vibration of loving ourself unconditionally, what will happen to the people we used to loop with? They will feel the love and acceptance we have for
ourself. This gives them the opportunity to recognize this quality in themselves and change if they choose. We can never change another person, but the more we love ourself, the easier it is for someone else to recognize that capacity within themselves. Even though we may not like what others may be creating, we will understand what they are doing and have compassion for them. By not repeating these old energetic patterns, we can accept others for who they are without judgment. We can have unconditional compassion - total acceptance for the creations of others.

You can find out more information about your chakras in Nancy's book: The Independent Self. And watch for her newest eBook (and digital product): Chakras, Forces of Our Natural Being (coming soon).

Thanks for reading,
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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