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August 2011

The Emotion of Jealousy

August 2011 News:

*The Emotion of Jealousy
*The Red School


Last year we wrote a newsletter saying we felt that jealousy was dangerous and many of you sent emails relating your own encounters with this emotion.

Unfortunately we have become witness to this energetic dynamic in an even more serious way:  not just the kind of jealousy that wants to hurt, but the emotional hatred in wanting to stop someone else.  We have seen an entire family destroyed from the inside by the jealousy of one member; we have watched as ‘spiritual’ healers and teachers have been jealous of the abilities of others – fearful that their own students might learn something from someone else. 

Look at your own life situations – do you know someone who is jealous of the way you look, the age you are, your popularity, your abilities at work – what or who you represent?  Some of us have felt this emotion from a person we thought was our friend and it hurt even worse. 

You can learn to balance the emotion of jealousy within yourself and from others.  Here is an earlier newsletter on this topic.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy



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