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March 2010 - #2:

Jealousy - Danger Ahead

March - #2 Newsletter:

*The Danger of Jealous Energy
*An Emotional Trap
*A Balance of Emotions

Throughout the years, we’ve come to understand that some people do not realize the effect that jealousy has in their lives. Jealousy has been defined as an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship, or love. Jealousy is a natural emotion - it is what we do with that emotion that can be self-defeating and dangerous and often consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, sadness and revenge. The 'jealous story' we create in our minds can originate from actual experiences, thoughts, perceptions and memories, yet also can be created by our imagination, guess and assumptions.

Jealousy when uncontrolled can consume us until we lose ourselves into the emotion and the energy itself. As humans we are somewhat limited by many very stong emotions that have been in our history. There are four things that have historically killed or affected everyone at sometime in someway:

1) War -and the emotions within the collective consciousness of war;
2) Hunger – and every emotion that leads to it and results from it;
3) Sickness – and all the emotions leading to, running from, projected onto and felt during;
4) Disasters – and the extreme helplessness, hopelessness and sorrow of everyone involved.

We do know: we have been a part of all history. Perhaps we were watching history unfold when we were in another shape or form at any time; perhaps we were a part of Creator/Source. We could have been a part of creation that was real and a part that was only watching – or both simultaneously. So does Creator experience? Then we have also experienced – everything throughout creation from all times.

Since we know that we have been a part (in some way) of one of these four events/vibrations, we also know that we have assisted in the continuing creation of these energies. Before we can change our future, we have to heal our past.

Sounds like a big job. Yet the energy around our lives is called our karma. Since we have been a part of Creator, then we can change the creation we choose. We attract to us that which we have been a part of throughout history. That’s how we continue to grow and evolve as spiritually physical beings.

So how does jealousy fit in with all of this? Jealousy is a state of fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of losing power or control, fear of scarcity and loss and fear of abandonment. It is a reflection of our own insecurities, anxieties and doubts. All of us know someone who has been destroyed by the emotion of jealousy. It is such an all-consuming emotion. Sometimes it begins at a very early age and continues to ruin lives for many years; sometimes its nature remains hidden in the denial that ‘I am not the jealous type’.

We’ve all felt like we ‘lost’ best friends, family and others around us at different times. Maybe we have even felt someone else mirror a feeling inside that became so painful, it forced us to compensate by destroying the very reflection itself, even to losing the people we loved. Jealousy has caused people to kill and be killed because of something they had or a knowing they possessed. Money, land, family, looks, intellect – these have all inspired the dangerous emotio of jealousy.

This is one of our favorite teaching tools:
When we are young, we are jealous of others for how they look or what they can do; when we are older, we are not only jealous of those younger than us for how they look or what they can do –
we are also jealous of ourselves for what we could do or how we looked when we were younger. It’s called the ‘double whammy’ of old age. Being older is not always better when it comes to what or who we ‘used to be’.

Some countries have the emotions of betrayal and jealousy as their biggest fears. Other countries have strong feelings and emotions of being judged. Judgment is also a form of jealousy. This emotional trap could seem like life or death.

The next time you think some monster, ET or alien is going to get you – stop and take a good look in the mirror. There’s that jealous monster inside you that will keep you limited within your own world. Jealous emotions can be deadly – strong enough to kill us if we don’t find a way of bringing peace to that part of ourselves.

We have witnessed thousands of times right in front of us how peoples’ emotions changed and they were freed from their past, or the ways in which others were holding them. This can be simple and easy. It can bring about the change that you know is building up inside of you.

Finding a balance with these emotions before they consume us should be a priority. We can all become lighter, change our vibration and release our past. When you are ready to begin letting go and releasing any emotions around jealousy, here's a simple book that might just help: Stop*Look*Listen

You are the master of your thoughts - until they become words.
Then your words become the master of you - choose them wisely.
Blessings along your path. 

Thanks for reading,
Ken and Nancy


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