Institute Projects

It is exciting to share with you all the projects that are currently in the works and moving towards completion: (this is our New Decade list )

Website – currently over 6,800 pages and still counting
*updated site to allow ease in viewing on moble devices
*Sound and Video formats and streaming so more information can be freely shared
*A fully integrated marketplace, offering digital downloads, video and audio clips and a feedback blog to find out what YOU want.

*WEBINARS - video presentations over the internet to allow more individuals to attend lectures and workshops without the expense of travel both for the teachers and the students. Funds are needed for microphones, cameras and training in the art of Internet Webinars.

School Location:
*Continued maintainence of the facility and grounds in Cleveland, Georgia.

*The Journey through Relation-Shifts being completed for editing by Nancy Nester
*Reiki Soul - a manual for Reiki practitioners to stay safe and healthy by Nancy Nester
*Teachings of the Red School - completed in .pdf format, needing digital graphics and text as well as funds for printing and distribution by Ken Page and Nancy Nester

Videos/DVDs to film:
*Blended Energy Workshop (REIKI and Heart & Soul Healing)
*Dancing with Ghosts-Gatekeepers for Lost Souls Workshop
*Teachings of the Red School Workshop
*Secrets of the Collective Consciousness Workshop

These are just a few of the items we are working on and wish to expand. There is so much more that will be offered. Only time and money are needed to complete these projects.

Our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization can provide you with tax-deductible receipts for all donations.

If you feel an inner knowing of these truths and wish to help, please send a donation to: Clear Light Arts, ADL at the address shown below.

Thank you for allowing these words to come into your hearts.

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