The Art of Transference
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January 2006 Newsletter - The Art of Transference

My annual trip to Europe this past fall was one of the most insightful that I can remember. I was gone from home almost 4 weeks and traveled to places that I had never before visited. I was still recovering from my own self-created small stroke that almost completely crippled my ability to make a living. Of course, I am still asking the question: why? I am still getting the same answers - for the experience or the deeper meaning of life or now, the best answer of all: that I must teach something that has not been taught for thousands of years: the art of transference.

Our metaphysical world is a spiritual combination of religious ideas. There is God, Source, Goddess, Light, Higher Self - you name it. All these names are part of our metaphysical world. The fact remains that humans are still hurting the innocent. What kind of vibration do we create and then project onto others by our own ideas of God? There are those who would say that all vibrations are a part of God, Source, Higher Self or Allah on earth.

During my last adventure into self-exploration, I looked at my own limitations and vulnerability in trusting strangers and being open to sharing the vibration of Heart & Soul Healing©. These vibrations are simply gates to the many different levels of dimensions or aspects of the self.

This was my first time working in Slovenia and Germany, and the first time that I had to travel by myself after my stroke. Nancy and I had planned this 5-week trip together and again, she could not travel with me. I would have to honestly say that I was '80% present, yet 20% of the time outside’, watching myself - doing everything I could to bring myself back from a long sleep; wishing I was more present in my own moments.

In Slovenia, I met the most curious and open people. They truly reminded me of what my teachings have been about. There was, however an even larger problem than my being present. That was communication and the need for a translator for their beautiful language. For me, having a translator was perfect. Waiting for the translations to be completed allowed an opportunity for my thoughts to form again into my teaching words. I had to actually slow down in order to go faster. This helped me be more present with each of my thoughts and then with each of my words. It was perfect for the Slovenians and I could feel their gratitude to me as a teacher. During sessions, because of the language difference and the problems I had, I began to use a new technique to change the patterns on a cellular basis from the body. The mind of the client would remember and their body would have a moment to be free of the old pattern. This was the beginning of the ‘art of transference’.

In Germany, my sponsor shared with me part of the ending of the Harry Potter book 'The Half Blood Prince' by J.K. Rowling. Of course, I then knew I had to read the book. I began reading the last chapters first, and then went back to the beginning to read each chapter one by one as I am sure this is what the author had intended. Since my stroke on August 1, I have had a hard time reading at a ‘normal’ pace. I have not shared this with anyone other than Nancy as I do not wish to be judged. I do not like being used as a Witness for Spirit , nor the Messenger/Judge.

Each evening after sessions, I had time to read another chapter in the book. Because of my need to read slower and my desire to read faster, both the right and left sides of my brain became more synchronized with each chapter and each evening of reading. Towards the end of the book, I experienced a loud sound in my brain and ears, like the pitch of a rushing train. I knew that the last 20% of me that had been lost was then returning. There is also a quote I liked in that book from Albus Dumbledore, when he says:

“I make mistakes like the next man. In fact being, forgive me, rather cleverer
than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger.”

I believe that quote explains the big mistakes I've made in my own world.

At 4:30 am one morning, I finally finished reading the entire book. It was then that I knew what I was to share. Although it was early morning, I began re-writing our book. A few years ago, I had begun writing 'Why Healers Get Sick' and Nancy had been writing another version of the same type of book. So we combined our books to become 'Why Healers Get Sick'. Based upon the information in that book, Nancy and I began to teach workshops by the same name. We soon found that healers would not come to the workshops, because by attending, they were openly admitting that their healing practice might be the reason they were getting ill. So we changed the title of the book to 'The Art of Compassion - Healing through Transference''.

Actually, the information in the book is about energy and the vibration that is transferred between a healer/facilitator and the recipient/client. For a few years now, I have been practicing what I call 'the art of transference' to test myself and see just how far a healer can go in transmuting and transforming energy, vibration and consciousness. This is not something that is easily shared, for not everyone will understand. I have felt that it is a ‘must’ for me to test and explore all my own theories before sharing them with others.

Many clients that come to Heart & Soul Healing© have not been able to find the loving or compassionate vibration of their Source/Creator within themselves. So they continue to look outside themselves for something or someone that has a different energy. I have felt that if I can raise my own vibration, I can actually take on the sickness or illness of the client, transmute it through unconditional compassion and love, and transform/change it to a higher vibration. In this way, the client could be completely healed. The biggest challenge with this theory is that I myself must first be healed. Not in my physical body perhaps, but have the full awareness of my Self - healed with my spiritual connection. The clearer I am, the higher my vibration or Oneness with Creator can be. This is simply a state of consciousness – what Heart & Soul Healing© has taught and shared for many years. You might say the question becomes: Do we work through Source or does Source work through us?

The more I believe that Creator’s vibration and I are One and the same, the easier it is for Source/Creator to work through me. In this way, it is possible to completely heal all the known collective consciousness that exists on the planet today. Knowing that we are all a part of Source/Creator, it is possible to become a higher creative vibration, thereby allowing complete healing to occur on all levels simultaneously.

With the knowledge and integration that came in to me, I can now finish writing this book. There previously had been something missing and now the full information is clear. This book might only be understood by those who are ready to understand; yet I know that many of you reading these newsletters each month have that sense of awareness.

Truly, there is magic in new beginnings.

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