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September 2011

Harry Potter - The End

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*Harry Potter - The End
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We are back in the states and enjoying being home again. Australia held lots of learning opportunities for us as we worked in different areas with clients from many backgrounds and nationalities. We truly fell in love with Melbourne and its' people. Nancy got her wish - to see the penguins for her birthday. We watched from the pier at St. Kilda as they came ashore at sunset, calling and making sounds like crying babies. It was quite special, and we thank Bridget Draper - our sponsor and friend - who made this wish come true. It was such a treat for us to have some time to play. We are always working and telling others to remember to play! It's become necessary for us to take our own advice. Bridget does house clearings as well as Heart & Soul Healing sessions. We visited one of the homes she worked on and within the next few weeks, we'll post her story about this particular event.

We also went to the movies to see the final chapter of the Harry Potter series. Over the years, these books have been important to us. Back in 2005, Ken was reading a Harry Potter book while in Germany and he found parts of himself coming back into alignment. You can read more about that part of his journey in the January 2006 newsletter.

The imagination needed to read or even listen to an audio book in the Harry Potter series requires you to use both sides of your brain; one side to read or listen and the other side to begin imagining the full scene. By doing this, you are bringing the creative part of your brain into action - that's the part we think is the real answer to happiness - being creative. We all need to play more to become more creative. The people we meet that include play in their lives are always happier.

You might think your own life is hard; then you read a Harry Potter book and you come to know a boy that learns about friendship, truth and magic as well as the honor and respect one must have for ones' own life path. Some say these books are only for kids. Yet, reading these books probably allows us to be more kid than others might want us to be.

Over the years there have been so many people and religions afraid of Harry Potter and these stories. Do you think some kids still read the books, yet had to hide them from their parents? There was a 15 year old boy who had a copy of the book 'The Way It Works' hidden behind lots of other things on his bedroom bookshelf. He felt he had to hide it from his very religious family. This boy was deciding what kind of man he would become, yet he could not share anything that was important to him with the people closest to him. One thing we do know - he won't be a baptist, catholic, muslim or other orthodox religious member when he grows up. He will look for his own truth inside himself and he will witness how religion affects most of the world who fear the truth.

Harry Potter saw that everything was a part of him, even the shadow or fearful sides of himself and others. Finding balance with both parts brought a greater strength which allowed him to deal with his destiny of death and beyond. Because his friends became his family, he had the ability to become more, finding a place within himself where fear had no power.

Our hope is that the millions of followers of Harry Potter will find that quiet power in themselves and be all they can be.

If you'd like to free yourself from your own past, here's a book that we know can help: "How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy and Feel Free"

Thanks for reading,

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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The Red School is all about staying balanced between dualities so your path will be safer. It can help you trust your inner self and find ease in all your relationships. By also healing your past and the world in which you have been a part, your future will be more open to your joy. What if negativity could not hurt you? You could walk into the densest energy and realize you can learn without having any effects on your body and not being hurt.

There are many things that many people fear. This only creates emotional and physical challenges. With the Red School Teachings, it becomes easy to find peace with
old patterns. All energetic patterns exist because people give them power. You can learn to stop giving energy, stop giving away pieces of your own life to anything or anyone that no longer helps you on your journey. The darkness you sometimes feel does not have to be black. You can bring light into the darkness and help change yourself, your families, your friends and the ways in which you live.

All of us are tired of the lies that the world has told us - always trying to keep us in fear of something or by controlling the way we feel. People all over the world are stuck, feeling trapped by the negativity of their past which is creating their reality. These forces have been given energy by humankind for thousands of years.

The energy is actually hard like steel; yet we can change it back into pure creative energy to allow for a space where anything, including miracles can occur. You can free your own soul and bring in a new vibration for your spirit.

These teachings are the result of many years of helping others to find that quiet, pure space within themselves; to find ways of releasing and stopping the dynamics of their entire life, to bring about choice in order to feel free.

Being lighter and being able to embrace a newer vibration is about finding choices to become who you truly are. You would then be able to react or not react to everything and everyone; you would not need protection for your own space would be the safest place; you could change history itself to allow for a different future - no longer living in fear of the shadows of your past.

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