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July 2011

Who Are We?

July 2011 News:

*Who Are We?
*The Red School



We've actually been asked that question as new individuals are introduced to our work by others. Here's what we answer:

We – Ken Page and Nancy Nester are messengers/missionaries traveling together around the world sharing  with others so they can find the Oneness of God/Creator/Source, a compassion for all creation and a sense of self-empowerment that assists them in remaining stable in a world of turmoil, fear and uncertainty.  There are millions of missionaries sponsored by various religions.  We feel we share something very different.

We run a 501 (c )(3) not-for-profit/charities corporation organized for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of every individual through understanding, compassion and self-empowerment.  Our parent is the Alliance of Divine Love, a non-denominational universal ministry established in 1953 with more than two thousand practicing international ministers.  We each hold the office of Reverend and Director of Clear Light Arts, ADL.  Nancy has additional degrees in world religions and a doctorate in Metaphysical Studies. 

Our websites:  www.kenpage.com and www.clearlightarts.com are among the largest websites in the world, with more than five thousand pages, offering free books in different languages, informational and inspiring radio shows, more than ten (10) years of monthly newsletters covering topics on helping ourselves and others.  We also provide simple techniques for emotional healing and for increased creativity so that individuals can find inner peace within themselves.

Our books include:
The Way It Works
The End of Time
The Heart of Soul Healing
Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement
How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Feel Free
Guidebook Of Philosophies & Applications for Life (HSH Manual)
The Art of Transference
Manual of the Chakras & Gates of Quan Yin
The Independent Self.

We also offer numerous workshop Video DVDs and Audio CDs.

More than 50,000 people have received individual sessions (one-on-one) where they release old emotions and life patterns, so they can find that quiet space within. We see children for free to help them release the patterns they inherit within their own families.  We also help anyone who is in need of assistance – regardless of their ability to pay for services.  We treat animals free to release the energetics of their owners.  We give free lectures in order to share simple techniques that can help anyone feel better. Between us we have dedicated more than 60 years to helping others.  We have developed three international teaching schools and have shared with millions around the world.

We do believe:
- that large patches of negative energy exist in war, sickness, hunger, natural disasters and religious conflict.  We have found that different people have different abilities to release these types of old energy dynamics and change them, returning everything back to creative life force.
-people need to learn how to love more than they have been loved in their past.
-learning how to create allows us to be more open to our creative selves.
-it is necessary that we cut down on stress and worry in life and find ways of being more playful or happy with ourselves.
-the lighter we can feel, the easier it is to stop being reactive to old patterns in our lives.
-every individual needs to discover how to take back their power – be all that we can be in order to find happiness and peace.

The Oneness we teach is unique as it helps people find their own internal connection to God; the more they integrate, the less separation they feel.  This sense of Oneness with all creation allows anyone to heal their past, which in turn changes their future.  Being One with the good and bad of everything and everyone is easy when combined with the compassion of acceptance without judgment or opinion.  With this philosophy and experience, people discover their own inner truths and can take back their personal power, learning ways to love themselves and others even more – becoming a part of God manifested in the physical form.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy





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