What Ken and Nancy are talking about is pretty much out there, but I guess the difference between weird and normal is just a matter of perspective. The challenge is to let go of my own perspectives to experience what IS, only to discover that what I’ve been looking for- the answers to my questions in life, the solution to my problems- is inside me and not in the outside world. Then it becomes confusing, as I realize that my inside world and outside world are just reflections of ME as a creator. But gradually this makes perfect sense, as long as I can let go of my own ideas of how life is supposed to be, how my partner is supposed to be, how I am supposed to be.

Then I no longer have a need to be needy, to be helpless, to feel suffocated by life. I no longer need to recreate my own drama’s or to repeat my history. I can let go of my own sadness and self-hatred, I’m no longer angry at myself or my Creator, because I have created it myself, and, by definition, my creation is perfect, no matter how ugly I thought it was. Even the deep darkness inside me suddenly has a purpose. Feeling compassion for my own depression makes me appreciate it more, because it was telling me I was losing myself, going in the wrong direction. Just like somehow you can appreciate sunlight more after a long dark night.

No longer having to do what others want or expect me to do, I can finally just be me and feel good about it. Isn’t that true freedom and real peace? So, magically, by letting go I have created more space inside me for my Higher Self to come into place, making my life bigger and better than it even was before. Now my challenge is to hold that space, keeping myself in rather than checking out when it becomes too scary of difficult. If I can just constantly and truly believe in myself, I will have made a place for myself on this earth that I can call home. A home not just for me, but for everybody. (J., NL)


Thank you. You gave so much. I don’t know where to begin. I learned, recognized and experienced  a lot, and I’ve probably no idea yet how much.  What the workshop also gave me is the reassurance, that I should worry about my sanity and that being the weird one is really not that bad at all. It is probably the only way to evolve.  In fact  it’s really time to get out of hiding and allow myself to find out and be who I really am. You showed me how to do that safely. Attending the workshop and being with you is a turning point in my life.(A., NL)

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