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FEBRUARY 2017 News:

Looking at the 'Big Picture' about Entities

February 2017 NEWS:
Looking at the 'Big Picture' about Entities

For the past 30 years, we have spoken, taught, assisted, written, shown and substantiated that everything is energy - dense, hard, bad, good, light - still just energy. In working with the Collectives of Consciousness, we've discovered there is a bigger picture involved in everything that we 'think' or 'feel' in every moment.

We receive emails and phone calls asking us to release 'entities'. So - what are entities? Do they exist? How do we get them? How do we even know about them? Why do we fear them? Because other 'teachers and healers' say that our negative or hurtful energy comes from something or someone that is 'attached to us'. Well, that only brings up even more fear. So we asked teachers and healers to stop merely saying the cause is an 'entity'. We asked them to work with all types of negative energy and help to change it.

Think about this for a moment: What if there was a piece (fragment) of ourselves that was 'out of time' - meaning in the past / not in the present moment with us - and this piece was stuck in some type of pain or fear?

Did you know that each one of us - at one time or another - has not felt safe to be present in our body in that moment? Sometimes it is safer stepping outside ourselves to watch, rather than remain inside our body to experience pain, suffering, hunger, disaster, sickness, fear... Does that cause a piece of ourselves to get stuck or caught up in the emotions of that moment? Is that the piece that we instinctively are searching for? Is that the piece of us that keeps attempting to re-connect? Yet it can't, because it remains trapped in the emotional dynamic of the past - and we have moved on to the present moment.

Just how far back could this piece/fragment be trapped? Our DNA contains all the energy of past generations, cultures, religions, lineage throughout our history.

Ask the teacher or healer if they know how to change your vibration to become lighter so you can bring your past into alignment with your present self. This is a necessary part of healing you so you can be free to have more choices for your future.

Unfortunately, while we have all of this written in books and on this website for anyone and everyone to read - we still have individuals contacting us to clear and release 'entities'.

We believe that anyone who has helpful information and does not share that information actually takes the power away from the person seeking and needing the help. By helping you to understand energy, we assist you in becoming self-empowered.

We even request that you stay inside your own space - which is your physical body - and not push your energy outside yourself, as that places you vulnerable to all of the energy of the world. Pushing your energy outside your body causes you to become overwhelmed - which just leads many people in being and staying 'stuck'.

Yet, that's not in alignment with other spiritual teachers and healers. This 'bigger picture' fact has been verified and proven through experience by working with individuals from every country, culture, nationality, religion, belief system, lineage and heritage.

This website contains newsletters, articles, interviews, YouTube videos, even free books! All of your questions have been answered over and over for years. We have shared how to get your own answers, how to free yourself from your past, how to stop energetically looping with the people around you, and how to change and how to heal.

Yet - is that too easy? Why do so many people want to be saved by someone else?

Do you want to understand the 'Big Picture'? Do you want to help yourself release your past and become present in your moment? Would you like to completely change your energetic dynamics to feel free?

Watch the YouTube videos on our channel, read 'The Way It Works' -2016 edition- free, read the newsletter on the world-wide entity release. Take time to learn about yourself. Work with the energetic clearing techniques:the energetic clearing techniquebecoming liquid lightmoving your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and changing the vibration of your name - all to help you get quieter and back into balance. The Chakra clearing can help you find the balance in your male and female duality.

You can be free of your past. You can have more choices. You can get real help in healing yourself.

If you have a group that wants to learn everything first hand - Ken is going on a USA tour. He will be available to help anyone wanting to change and release their past. He will be teaching, sharing and also helping with Heart & Soul Healing sessions. Contact us for more details.


Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy


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