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October 2018
The Addiction of Fear

October 2018
The Addiction of Fear

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*No space for Fear
This website has 18 years of newsletters! We talk about a different challenge and hopefully, provide you with a way of empowering yourself and others in each one..  We've shown you that vulnerability or being open can be the most powerful force on earth where there is No Space for FEAR. 

What can we say or do to show you that there is nothing invisible that can hurt you?  It's only the mind that creates things outside of you - entities, demons, other dimensions, ET's, monsters, reptilians, greys, secret conspiracies, implants…  Just name it and we have seen individuals who bring that type of FEAR into the healing arts.  Fear is how people get hooked and keep coming back - FEAR is an addiction.

The only thing that can 'get you' is whatever you have been a part of in the past.  You can change that by your awareness and then - stop giving it any energy.  Soon you will find whatever 'it is' will disappear.

Instead of looking at the past to find what triggers you, what emotions entangled you, or what traumas are still lurking in the shadows, most individuals continue to attract things into the present that make them feel helpless, afraid, stuck and hopeless.  Actually, your past - based upon history-  is far worse than anything you could imagine ‘out there’ trying to get you or hurt you.  You can alone have a level of compassion that can change the energy that holds you. 

When we initially released ‘The Art of Transference – Healing through Compassion’ , we suggested that releasing the emotions from our past could actually change an endless past and have a direct affect upon the clearing and healing of our DNA.  Subsequent to the publishing of that book, we received research information that suggested the magnetized ‘wormholes’ in our DNA were similar to the Einstein-Rosen bridges found in the vicinity of black holes (burned out stars) in the Universe.  These tunnel connections transmit information outside of space and time to our DNA which passes them on to our consciousness.  Read more of Chapter 19.

Throughout history, we have all marked what we have come to complete.  It is within our very DNA.  We can’t get away from what we have said we wanted to do – because it is our destiny and we planned it. Fear will be with us until we complete our past and we move into our new creation - the future.

Your Higher Self is a part of Source. It is vital that you become that lighter vibration. This happens when you are one with everything in creation - without fear. You then become your Higher Self, gaining a vastly bigger picture of knowing and an awareness of your own creations.

We also were very excited to find confirmation of what we have been saying for years:  change/release the emotions and the past will heal.  Putting this another way, research by Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that by changing the vibration of water (through emotions, thoughts, words, sound), the molecular structure of the water itself was changed.  We then developed a new technique for becoming Liquid Light to help recognize old patterns change your structure from solid to liquid, and avoid the projections of others.

Life gets easier when you become invisible to old patterns. Loving yourself is the first place to start - using the Energetic Clearing Technique.

Change the Vibration of your Name Technique- avoid the opinions, judgments, thoughts and feelings (projections) of others.

The next best way out is to become more sensitive and less reactive to energy. Move away from your emotions by first centering in your hara point (with the Living Light Breath), to heal your lower three chakras and develop subtle senses so your normal senses will not become overwhelmed. You can then activate your pineal gland to feel and experience the total expansiveness of your own universe, healing your very DNA. You will then move back to center in your heart in a safe way.

Find each of these easy Techniques on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL and follow along as they are demonstrated for you.

Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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