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November 2011

Finding the Power to Risk Change

November 2011 News:

*What we Trust
*Information/Knowledge is Power
*Finding Balance with our Fears


What We Trust
Experts say we trust what is familiar. What we trust is not necessarily what we like; it is what we survived. To know if this is true for you, look at what you do not like about your parents, for example. Perhaps your mother or father was angry or mean. Do you still have a pattern today of attracting angry or mean women/men into your life? One reason for continuing this pattern would be you subconsciously feel comfortable with anger because you survived it in your past. In other words, you trust angry women/men because that is what you grew up with, even though you do not like being around angry people. You have come to trust in the outcome of your pattern, fearful of it continuing throughout your life, and you don’t like this about yourself.

While teaching a workshop earlier this year, Ken began by
sharing one of the most important things he had recently learned. We do this because when we give a knowing or an awareness away freely, other people might be open to receiving even more important knowledge and wisdom. By sharing our experiences and learning, we also hope that someone else finds a better way to learn and not have to go through the challenges we had. You get the knowledge and the benefit without having the hardship of the experience.

There are times when our information could be valuable or priceless. Yet it may not be what anyone else wants, can understand or is ready to receive. So the information and insights are immediately disregarded.

When you have received insights that change your
awareness, it is normal to want to share. Can others really hear a different truth? If they respond in a negative way, is that due to their own fears or insecurities? What we have come to understand is that sharing awareness or learning with others is done so we may better understand ourselves. Sharing allows us to be more open to new understandings and gives us the opportunity to receive even more insights, becoming less reactive to our past. Once awareness happens to us, we expand and our awareness becomes fluid – constantly expanding and changing.

Information/Knowledge is Power
Information/knowledge is a power that allows greater
understanding for life and creation. This knowledge can
change everything - including what you think you already
know. Yet, when this inner knowing is shut down or viewed with fear, your world can become very small, going into chaos. Soon you begin to forget anything that might have changed your reality or your beliefs.

There are people all over the world who are in fear of
change, so they immediately disregard what they hear, what they see and even what they are feeling. They hold onto their reality so tightly that they get stuck or trapped and can't move forward. The only direction left is backwards.

Our experience shows us that we can't give information away - even for free - when people are just not ready for it. New information can change things and unless someone is ready for that change, any new data will scare them, making them fearful and out of control. So many individuals get so comfortable with what they know that they believe this to be their entire reality. Anything that challenges their world creates fear, to the point that they will even say this new information does not work, is not correct or helpful. They will even tell others to be fearful of adopting this new awareness in order to make themselves appear as your savior.

Looking at history, we can see that anytime anyone stood
out, said something new or challenging or spoke out against the 'normal accepted philosophy', they would find themselves criticized, ridiculed, banished and even - killed for their truths. History shows us that religions are fearful and denounce ideas that could change or conflict with their teachings. Some teachers and healers are afraid of anything different as it might affect their business.

Finding Balance with Our Fears
Finding balance with our fears means taking a risk to let go of what we think we know. Letting go does not mean to
surrender. Letting go does not mean to give up. Letting go does not mean you have failed. It means that what you have trusted your entire life might not be the best way to go forward.

As we prepare ourselves to enter the dimension of
instantaneous creation, we will be tested. We will be tested by having to face our worst fears. Our fears and any distortions we have in our lives will be reflected back to us a thousand times.

Surely we have learned from experience that finding balance with our fears, trusting the inner voice to guide us forward, begins with loving ourselves first. Then, we can allow ourselves to have compassion - acceptance without judgment - for everything and everyone else in creation. We can begin to rely on what resonates within our being, not what others tell us must be our truth. We begin to open our hearts to ourselves so we can discover what has always been there - the knowing and guidance to be self-empowered, a free thinker and a compassionate being. Having a quiet mind, loving ourselves, being physically healthy and being in
the moment will allow us safe passage into the next

Learn the easiest way to love yourself and be present in the moment by working with the energetic clearing technique.

Become liquid light - the truth contained within your cellular being.

Become less reactive to old patterns that no longer serve you by practicing the Living Light Breath.

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Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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