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October 2018

October 2018

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for writing a testimonial of Heart & Soul Healing. You have voted CLEAR LIGHT ARTS, ADL (the non-profit organization that sponsors and runs everything...) as TOP-RATED, again in 2018! This award has been won 6 years in a row. We are so proud and grateful.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who follows Clear Light Arts, ADL and Heart & Soul Healing on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL . The four (4) recommended daily clearing techniques can be found there along with other new insights and free teachings. We will be updating this channel weekly. LIKE, WATCH and FOLLOW so you get informed about new videos.

We can help you with every type of energetic dynamic, including your experiences with psychic healing, Reiki, 'Activating the Merkaba', Being in the Heart, and other spiritual philosophies. Just contact us.

What other healing modalities do not tell you
If there is a subconscious program playing out that says ‘you do not deserve’, ‘you can never have’, or any other self-sabotaging statement – you will not be able to attract to you what you do choose and want.  Finally discover a healing approach that does not create more fear in your life but empowers you to change, bringing about something brand new for yourself, your family and your community. 

Does your area need help? Do you know others who would like to free themselves from whatever is weighing them down?  Sometimes life just gets too much.  We would love to help you help yourself and others to bring about change.  We are completing our schedule for 2019 – contact us for information about bringing Heart & Soul Healing to your area.

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Happy Fall
Heart & Soul Healing Sessions
- DISCOUNTED through and including December 1, 2018! Read The Way It Works for answers to most questions. Then contact us to schedule a remote (phone or Skype) Heart & Soul Healing session at a $25.00 discount.


You might have already read it; here’s a link to the . 'THE WAY IT WORKS', 2018 edition. Once the book has been officially published for sale, we are no longer able to offer it free on our website. So - we encourage you to download the book now, and then - send it to everyone you know in your families and friends. They can also send the book to their friends. It is our wish that this book will reach millions around the world - so everyone can learn to help themselves stay in balance.


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