Witchcraft and demonic type energy is one of the most focused and concentrated energies a person will probably ever come across in their healing practice. Whether we might like to admit it or not, most of us, especially those who are working in the healing arts today, at one time or another, have been both very good and very bad. How else could we have learned so much about all the polarities here and about power itself?

Witchcraft and black magic, spells, hexs and curses can cause fragmentation of the practitioner, witch or wizard. It is not only 'witches or warlocks' who create spells. At times spells might be placed on someone simply as a protective measure, if the other person involved was seeking to harm, punish or kill them. Love potions and spells also fall into this category. Every spell, curse and hex uses a symbol to implement or energize it in the physical world.

Regardless of the reason for its creation, a portion or essence of the spell, hex or curse maker is what gives power to the spell or curse. This projection of the essence of the sender is through time eternal. In almost every case, if a client comes in and a curse or spell is discovered on them, they have also placed a curse or spell on someone else, which is still active today and drawing energy from the client.

There are active witchcraft cults today, even in the most civilized of societies. Our suggestion is to get some books on this topic, ESPECIALLY if you are afraid of it. Once informed about the different ceremonies and energetics, much of the fear will be taken out. Information on the use of energetics through focused intent, using the power of words or symbols is plentiful and available. We strongly recommend you do as much reading as possible on these alternative forms of impelling one's will on another.


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